Communication is key.

Great, you’ve taken your first few steps! Now, it's time to grant your employees access to GoodHabitz's library. However, to get your colleagues excited about GoodHabitz, you'll need to inform them that it’s available. That’s where our tools and campaigns come in. Curious to learn how? Keep reading!

Promo Studio.

The Promo Studio is your go-to for all communication campaigns. With this tool, you can effortlessly create personalised promotional materials to highlight GoodHabitz educational content. You'll also discover ready-made campaigns that you can immediately launch. Take a look at the kick-off campaign, for example. We're certain your employees won't be able to resist GoodHabitz after this!


Now that roles have been assigned, you've become familiar with the dashboard, and you've been introduced to the Promo Studio, it's time to bring in your employees! To introduce GoodHabitz to everyone in your organisation, we suggest kicking off with the following campaign:

Kick-off campaign.

Want to introduce GoodHabitz in a fun way? You can do just that with the Promo Studio! Our 'kick-off campaign' includes everything you need to make a lasting first impression. Access the complete campaign under 'Personalise a standard campaign' in the Promo Studio.

Invite your employees.

Do you have your employees' email addresses ready and a well-crafted invitation message? Fantastic! Navigate to the 'manage your users' page to invite all your employees to join GoodHabitz. Remember, invitations will be sent from For additional guidance on inviting users, consult 'Help on the Spot' or check the GoodHabitz General Manual.

Ready for the

next step?

Now that you've learned how to leverage marketing and communications to raise awareness about online learning within your organisation, it's time for the final step: creating a plan of approach!

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