Tomorrow calls for accelerating

your employees’ growth effectively.

GoodHabitz is here to be your partner in empowering your employees to thrive. From increasing productivity to boosting efficiency and improving the quality of work, you’ll find all the competencies your workforce needs to succeed in our easy-to-implement online solution.

  • Snackable content

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Thrive through skill development.

The future of work demands personal growth for everyone! Attract missing talent and engage your employees through self-insight and actionable development. With topics ranging from leadership to mental health, our library contains lots of inspiring content on the most essential skills for your organisation.

Work smarter with GoodHabitz.

Move over Batman and Robin, GoodHabitz is the ideal sidekick in supporting you and your workforce. Are you gearing up for the performance evaluations? Titles like The Art of Feedback, The Performance Review and Difficult Conversations are here to help. Looking to spice up your onboarding? Pick and choose the content aligned with the values of your organisation to nail that first impression.

Offer quality educational content.

When it comes to content quality, our standard is sky-high.That’s why our online courses and assessments are created in-house by our very own learning experts. And with success, because our students love our content: rating it 8.6 out of 10!

One fixed price for unlimited access.

One fixed price for your organisation to get unlimited access to our complete library of online assessments and courses. No fine print! That’s how we do it as GoodHabitz because, just like you, we want to make personal development a success.


Dive into our library!

Sure, we can keep talking about our learning solution, but nothing beats trying it for yourself. Explore our complete platform right away.

Why choose GoodHabitz?

Don’t take our word for it; let our clients do the talking.

Creating one e-learning module internally would cost us around €44.000. With GoodHabitz, we gain access to a full library, with relevant themes, all bundled in one package and ready for immediate use.
Jeff Kortenbosch, Talent Development Advisor
De Volksbank
One reason why we chose GoodHabitz is its value for money; the content is extensive, easy to access and delivered in varied formats. No matter how you learn, there is something that will work for you.
Emma Luntley, Operations Manager
CFC Underwriting

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