Tomorrow calls for corporate training to

future-proof your employees.

GoodHabitz helps you to develop the skills your employees need for the future. Through quick self-assessments and engaging, high-quality online courses they will be able to develop the competencies needed to succeed, both today and tomorrow.

Build the core competencies

for your organisation.

GoodHabitz’s learning content is based on 65 competencies that are essential for all employees to stay successful. With a library filled with content ranging from leadership skills to mental health training and from personality assessments to digital skills. We’ve got your employees’ needs covered on every topic in over 25 different learning formats!


educational content.

When it comes to content quality, our standard is sky high. That’s why our courses and assessments are created in-house by learning experts. And with success, because students love our content: rating it 8.6 out of 10!

Easy access to

stimulate learning.

With GoodHabitz, your employees can learn wherever and whenever they want via our platform, mobile app or an LMS integration! We integrate with most Learning Management Systems out there, ranging from LTI, SSO to Remote SCORM.

One fixed price

for unlimited access.

One fixed price, for your organisation to get unlimited access to our complete library of self-assessments and courses. No fine print! That’s how we do it as GoodHabitz because, just like you, we want to make personal development a success in your company.


Peek into our library!

Sure, we can keep talking about our brilliant learning solution, but nothing beats just trying it for yourself? Explore our complete platform and discover a world of possibilities for your organisation.

From enterprise to SME,

finance to fashion.

Thousands of organisations from across the globe have already entrusted GoodHabitz with the personal development of their employees.

GoodHabitz was the perfect fit for our core values, and their courses have a solid educational structure. But most of all, GoodHabitz' courses are engaging and fun.
Patrick Eglmaier, Gerente de Desenvolvimento de Pessoas e Aprendizagem Organizacional
Our employees use the online courses to their hearts’ content. They share their favorite courses, which inspires others to try them too.
Angelica Witteman, Recruitment and Development Manager
... training ourselves in transversal personal skills, not just technical skills, also has an impact on the service we provide and makes us, without a doubt, better professionals".
People Management Team
Parc Taulí Hospital

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