Online training courses that

you love coming back to.

Our online training courses cover everything, from Excel skills to Mindfulness, Leadership trainings and much more! All fully localised in 20+ languages. By providing the highest quality learning methods available, we ensure that your employees gain the skills that they need today, tomorrow and beyond.

Training courses that you

can't get enough of.

Whether it’s with short, bite-sized learning activities that take just a few minutes, or full training courses that include in-depth lessons and engaging tutorials: GoodHabitz empowers employees to choose their favourite way of learning – tailored to their needs, regardless of the subject matter. Working on personal development has never been this easy.

Smart learning methods - for the readers, watchers, and doers.

At GoodHabitz, learning equals action, variety, and bite-sized portions. Because everyone learn differently. Some people might like to watch a quick instructional video, while others prefer to read interactive digital magazines or do a quiz. With over 25 different learning methods, we've got it all covered.

Discover a new world

in no-time.

Those who are ready to go in-depth can combine different activities on a certain subject into one single lesson. This option covers a specific section of a training course, using various learning methods. From magazines to quizzes, as well as games with fun tasks and mini-documentaries - gain a wealth of knowledge in under an hour. Easy!

Turn every employee

into an expert.

A completed lesson leaves your employees wanting more. For those who are eager to continue learning, we offer training courses that combine all the lessons and tutorials that are related to a specific subject. Our in-depth training courses cover all the essential knowledge required, and we underscore this with a certificate.

Unlock your employees' full potential

with our online courses.

Personal development that creates impact. With GoodHabitz you have everything you need to get your employees to buckle down and upgrade themselves. Get a sneak peek into our library:

Explore our assessments and see how

self-discovery makes learning even more effective.

Self-insight as the foundation

Authentic and effective personal development is only possible if employees are aware of their talents, as well as their areas of improvement and opportunities for growth.

Valuable for everyone

Our scientifically validated assessments are short, engaging and inspiring - and relevant to everyone across your entire organisation.

Instant clear insight

The report from each assessment is easy to understand and recommends the most impactful training courses based on the key opportunities for personal growth.

Get started with making

personal development a good habit.

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