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Our employees use the online courses to their hearts’ content. They share their favorite courses, which inspires others to try them too.
Angelica Witteman, Recruitment and Development Manager

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GoodHabitz is a leader in EMEA eLearning Content on G2
GoodHabitz is a leader in eLearning Content on G2
GoodHabitz is a leader in Europe eLearning Content on G2

Thousands of organisations have entrusted GoodHabitz

with the personal development of their employees.


3 plans, endless

learning opportunities.

When it comes to personal development, we want our offering to fit every organisation. With our 3 plans we can tailor to your organisation's learning needs and maturity. Discover your perfect plan:


The essential plan is perfect for small medium businesses who want to give their employees unlimited access to personal development. This plan offers self- development through courses, plus self-insight through our assessments. All easily accessible through our online platform.


Ready to take your L&D efforts to the next level? With academy you get unlimited access, to our content and can integrate it into your LMS/LXP. Next to that we support you with advanced recommendations, GoodHabitz’ team Workouts and organisational coaching.


The enterprise plan is for organisations in need of advanced integration options, dashboarding and dedicated support. This plan combines unlimited access to all our learning content with full control and customisation.

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