Introducing: The GoodHabitz Lesson.

12 June 2024Blog13 min

Hot off the press! We’re beaming with excitement to showcase our latest addition to the GoodHabitz solution. We’re proud to introduce the GoodHabitz Lesson learning experience, a one-hour deep dive to help you make lasting change!

Find out everything there is to know about this exciting new development below.

The fundamentals of

the Lesson.

What makes the new Lesson so special? Boy, are we glad you asked! Let’s run through some of the awesome features of the Lesson experience.

As a sharp-eyed GoodHabitz expert, you’ve surely spotted that the Lesson page looks a little different than the course page you know and love. But that is by no means the end of it. Check out what else makes a Lesson, a Lesson.

5 learning activities make up a Lesson.

First and foremost, a Lesson consists of 5 learning activities. The activities used can differ per Lesson, presented using any of the 3 learning formats you already know and love within the GoodHabitz learning library:

  • Watch: Videos to give you inspiration or new knowledge.
  • Read: Articles, magazines, and other written content to deepen your understanding.
  • Apply: Put your learnings into action, fostering practical application.

Behind each Lesson is a philosophy to inspire, inform and instruct, using the various learning activities. At the end of each Lesson, the learner will not only have gained new knowledge about a topic but be inspired by practical tips they can apply to their day-to-day lives.

Closer to learning objectives.

The learning objectives are crucial for an effective learning experience - why is this learning experience important and relevant for the learner.

To help with this, the Lesson has 2 useful features: Lesson guide, and Lesson takeaways.

Lesson guide is an overview of the topic, learning objective and the different activities included in the Lesson. Users can easily review this before diving into the first learning activity, as well as refer to it whilst navigating through the Lesson.

Lesson takeaways are provided for the learner once they complete the entire Lesson. This is a handy overview of the key learnings within the Lesson, as well as some extra tips to consider (including great reads!).

Learning Booster.

Nowadays, there is so much content available. Whether you enjoy sitting down with a cup of tea and reading the newspaper or scrolling endlessly through social media – there is a ton of information available to help you grow and learn. However, quantity does not trump quality.

Our learning experiences aim to not just provide learning content, but relevant learning content that is applicable to each individual learner. We want them to lean forward in the experience and apply the learning objectives to their personal situation to create the most impact.

An exciting addition to the Lesson experience are our learning boosters. Learning boosters are, in a couple of words, questions or tidbits of info to engage the student during their learning experience.

The role of a schoolteacher is to not just give assignments, but introduce the assignments, reflect on the assignments with their students, inform them of any cool tidbits that might motivate them more.

That’s why  GoodHabitz uses "learning boosters". Surprising little bits of content that do exactly what a good teacher should do.

All that, within an hour.

Each activity is between 8-12 minutes long. With 5 activities, you can (re-) learn something (new) within an hour.

Time is scarce, but personal development is crucial! We aim to make it easily accessible for everyone in the organisation – whether they sit behind a laptop all day, or only have 30 minutes per day to spend on their phone. A world of learning is right at their fingertips.

Collaborative learning.

At GoodHabitz, we believe that people are the driving force behind every organisation. But it’s not just up to the individual alone to create organisation-wide success. The growth of every person has a great impact on their team – stimulating this is essential.

Of course, our new Lesson experience stimulates growth and knowledge sharing between teams with the ‘Group Exercise’ feature. The Group Exercise is an educational tool at the end of a Lesson that enables individuals and teams to interact and reflect on the learnings from the Lesson.

Just like the new Lesson concept brings content closer to the learner, so will the Group Exercise. It is seamlessly integrated within the flow of a Lesson, making it easier for students to find and complete.

Building on our

educational DNA.

Since the beginning of time, there have been 5 core principles that create that magic GoodHabitz spark – it’s in our DNA. Because it’s embedded as part of our DNA, these 5 characteristics remain evident in the Lesson experience.

  • Inspiring: cutting-edge media to move the student.

  • Motivating: turning learning into a habit. 

  • Accessible: everyone can learn everything.

  • Positive: our roots are in positive psychology.

  • Effective: a format-based approach to learning.

Tomorrow calls for

New Competencies.

We know that the way of work of constantly evolving, requiring the workforce to adapt to the changing environment - highlighting the importance of personal development. But not just any content, oh no! Relevant and engaging learning experiences are right for any individual, regardless of their goals and ambitions.

GoodHabitz educational learning content is built with competencies at its core. Our research and experience within the learning and development landscape has resulted in culminating 65 competencies across 8 core growth areas we see as fundamental for successful individuals, teams and organisation.

New content


There are 8 new topics available in the library today! And every 3 months we will release new learning content for the most relevant topics.

Add another 3 months, andall our Lesson content will be localised for other markets. Diverse workforce, stay tuned!

Can’t wait to dive into all these new learning opportunities? All content isalready available in English through your LMS, our Mobile App (iOS or Android) or through So, whether you're on the go or at your desk, the resources are at your fingertips!

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