Inetum-Realdolmen stays on top of new learning needs

with bite-sized content.

1 December 2023Case Study7 min

It is essential to adapt to the ever-evolving need of the modern workplace, and an organisation must provide the right tools and guidance for its employees to thrive. As new learning needs emerge constantly, ensuring that personal development training is easily accessible and interactive is the key to success. Inetum-Realdolmen uses GoodHabitz to provide bite-sized educational content to promote new learning opportunities and to motivate its employees!

A bird’s-eye view.

Inetum-Realdomen is an ICT company which guides organisations through the changes and challenges of the fast-paced digital world. With over 1600 employees, it is important to them to maintain a human-centric workforce, where the goal is to foster the collaboration between technology and people. Helen van Dessel, the senior partner of learning and development, explores their approach to engaging personal development within the organisation.


  • Due to new learning needs emerging constantly, providing bite-sized, accessible material is a must.
  • With constantly changing skill demands, it can be difficult for employees to choose an area to focus on.
  • It can be difficult to promote new learning opportunities seamlessly into Inetum-Realdolmen’s learning systems.
  • As a people-focused organisation experiencing growth, it is easy for employees to feel disconnected to managers and leadership roles.

Key stats:

152 training sessions

have been conducted.

172 managers have completed

the leadership program over the past two years.

+1.400 hours were

spent learning (in total).

We believe that you’re in the driver’s seat of your own learning path; your company can help pave the road, but you inevitably shift the gears.
Helen van Dessel, Senior Partner Learning and Development
Inetum Realdolmen

Tomorrow calls for

engaging your employees!

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