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16 November 2020Case Study7 min

When looking at how to keep an organization in top form, learning and development can be one of the best ways. Some companies already understand this necessity and promote the development of their employees with company-specific training courses. However, teamwork is not only an important issue in sports, but also an important soft skill for strategic processes. The story of PUMA and GoodHabitz is proof of what good teamwork looks like.

Shifting the internal focus to the outside.

When you are part of a large organization for many years, you become aware of your tunnel view; it can make it hard for you to see the big picture. Courses addressing internal topics may be an important aspect for company-specific processes but such processes often fail due to lack of social competence. As soon as fixed systems are thrown overboard in restructuring, it is the social skills and embodied corporate values that hold the company together. PUMA, thanks to GoodHabitz, has found the perfect learning opportunity. In order to offer a wider range of soft skills, the sports brand anchors its corporate values even more tightly. In keeping with its slogan “Forever Faster”, PUMA has decided to be at the forefront of eLearning thanks to GoodHabitz online courses and assessments. Before the implementation of the GoodHabitz course library, trainings for employees were mostly face to face. Digital courses only addressed internal topics. It was time to offer a wider range of soft skills to go with PUMA’s corporate culture.

GoodHabitz was the perfect fit for our core values, and their courses have a solid educational structure. But most of all, GoodHabitz' courses are engaging and fun.
Patrick Eglmaier, Manager People Development & Organizational Learning.

Linking PUMA’s core values to GoodHabitz’ courses and assessments.

The PUMA brand is grounded in values such as being confident, determined, and joyful. In order to fully implement GoodHabitz, PUMA integrated all courses in their competency model. In this way, the popular sports brand linked its core values as well as essential competencies.

Online courses such as 'Cultural Diversity' or 'Tell It Like It Is: Giving Feedback' not only deepen PUMA's corporate values but also strengthen a wide range of soft skills for all employees.

After a successful launch, PUMA is seeing great user numbers. The digital training courses are now part of all one-on-one interviews and performance evaluations. Apart from that, employees have the opportunity to choose and attend any course they like individually. Just as with sports, everyone has their favorites. It’s an inspiring story for every big company struggling to find a way of offering a wider range of soft skills which also link to its core values. Want to learn more about how PUMA implemented GoodHabitz online trainings successfully? Download the full story and read the interview with PUMA’s Manager People Development & Organizational Learning!

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PUMA case study.

If a huge sports brand can make it work, your organization can definitely start learning too. Read the full PUMA story and discover how GoodHabitz can help your employees grow, not only in a sporty way!

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