RS Group and GoodHabitz: How to realise continuous employee growth.

Discover how RS Group (Italy), with the help of GoodHabitz, inspired their employees to grow in areas like productivity, communication, and much more!

  • To increase productivity and improve the engagement of its workforce – leading to improvements in efficiency, timing of projects, and more accomplished teams.
  • With a workforce composed of individuals from various generations and nationalities, RS Italy faced challenges in realising seamless communication flows.
  • Adapting to the rapidly changing business environment requires a shift in mindset and a commitment to ongoing learning and development - fostering a culture that embraces continuous innovation, improvement, and growth.
  • Take client contact to a higher level: customise and improve elevator pitches, to create more effective interactions with clients and realise more commercial success in the marketplace.

Discover the solutions in our PDF (top of this page).

GoodHabitz’s content is dynamic and uses practical and recognisable examples to bring abstract topics to life. This greatly helps the effectiveness of the content.
Alessia Malandrino, Learning & Development Partner Assistant
RS Group

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