Research report:

The current state of Diversity & Inclusion.

1 September 2022Download6 min

We live in a complex, interconnected world. Society benefits from a blending of cultures and you can see this everywhere - from the food that we eat, the music that we listen to and the technology that we use. But it is also reflected in the way we organise our workplaces. Today’s workforce is one of the most diverse in history. So how do your employees experience diversity and inclusion at work and what do they expect from their employer in terms of D&I? Both of these questions and more get answered in our latest research report!

Now is the time to act!

Companies are discovering that by supporting and promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace, they are gaining benefits that go beyond their expectations.

Bringing together people from all walks of life, with different demographic traits like culture, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation and socio-economic backgrounds, has proven to not only increase empathy and creativity, but also innovation. However, it takes a careful and conscious approach to unleash the full potential of this invaluable asset.

D&I is not something that you can improve with a simple program or target, but businesses do have the transformative power to change and contribute to a more open, diverse and inclusive society. We can accomplish this by starting within our own organisation.

With statistics from over 13,000 employees from 13 different European countries, we’ve created a report full of interesting results and surprising insights! Intuitively, you might already that know diversity is good for business, but now it’s time to act on it as well!

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