Research Report:

The current state of personal development at work.

16 November 2022Download5 min

Life is one big learning journey: it starts from the moment you are born and continues throughout your entire life. Our lives are constantly evolving, the way humans have to deal and adjust to change is remarkable. Over the last decade the global workforce has had to continually evolve due to a number factors; the landscape is becoming more competitive, complex and the digital revolution has redefined our way of working. These changes didn’t only affect the structure of many organisations, it also resulted in an increased need for personal development. How do you tackle these new challenges? And what are your employee's (new) learning needs? We've got all the answers in our latest research report!

Personal development is the future.

Today’s multigenerational workforce is affecting the way we work and has, together with the pandemic, forced us to seek out alternative solutions. The developments within the working landscape created a sense of urgency for businesses to step up their game, and employees are craving more personal development opportunities. They want to create healthy habits that go beyond exercise and diets; they want to become better leaders, better communicators, better workers and better at managing their stress. And they need your help.

With statistics from over 13,000 employees from 13 different European counties, we’ve created a report filled with interesting and striking results. To add some more spice to the mix we also cross-checked the results with 2,500 European employers to see how aligned employers are with their employees. Now, let’s dig into those numbers!

Check the status of
personal development

in the UK and Europe.

Discover what you have to do to stay on top of your organization's personal development game.

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