GoodHabitz Recipes: Digital Skills

Below, we have carefully prepared an example of a learning path, related to the Technology & Expertise growth area, to inspire you to stimulate your workforce in upgrading the most relevant digital skills. Utilise this, or our other Recipes as inspiration, to learn from our specialists from the GoodHabitz Studios and effortlessly create your own learning paths.

Recipe completion time: 64 minutes.


No recipe is complete without the right ingredients. With our diverse learning formats, you'll be able to inspire, inform, and engage your workforce. These ingredients are quick to complete, making the path you've set easily digestible, keeping your people hungry to learn. Continue reading to see an overview of the ingredients (learning format | course title | lesson title)!

  • Assessment | Digital Skills - Are you (Future) Ready? (14 minutes).
  • Up Close | Level up Your Digital Skills | Digital for All (10 minutes).
  • Magazine | Level up Your Digital Skills | Digital for All (15 minutes).
  • Magazine | Level up Your Digital Skills | Connecting... (20 minutes).
  • Explained | Information Security | Estimating the Risks (2 minutes).
  • Quiz | GDPR-compliant | Right to Privacy (3 minutes).

Getting started.


While your employees might have the potential to be culinary geniuses, it all starts with gaining insights into your skill sets, strengths and potential blind spots. Armed with the relevant self-knowledge, they can start developing themselves with confidence and focus!

Digital Skills – Are you (Future) Ready?

To fire up the digital skills of your workforce, insight into their current level of digital skills is crucial. Do they have the right material, aka basic knowledge, and are they confident about it? Kick things off with the Assessment. You can compare it to asking your employees whether they want their meal to be spicy, or if they have any other food preferences.

Not yet enjoying our assessments? Try them now!

Level up Your Digital Skills (Digital for All)

You will see that not everyone has the same level or feels confident about their digital skills. The first step is to assure them that practice makes perfect and that it’s never too late to start. Watch the Up Close documentary on navigating the latest innovations, to activate your employees and warm them up for developing their digital skills, just like you would pre-heat the oven.


After making the right preparations, it's time for some action! Add these next ingredients to effectively improve the digital skills of your workforce.

Level up Your Digital Skills (Digital for All)

Your employees can start by reading the Magazine. Especially the second part, about how to communicate via digital tools, is interesting and is a key component of your recipe. It helps your employees not only to collaborate, but also to communicate about technology and security.

Level up Your Digital Skills (Connecting...)

Gradually add basic computer terminology to this Magazine. This will make your employees more comfortable in the digital environment.

Tip: For the cooks that have Microsoft in their pantry, check out Microsoft 365 Collaborating.

Information Security (Estimating the Risks)

After that, start adding some security measures: Explained. Your employees need to be aware of these to protect their information and create a protective layer with strong passwords and regular updates. This also requires critical thinking. Employees, especially the ones that are more tech-savvy, should be stimulated to question the data they get in front of them.

GDPR-compliant (Right to Privacy)

While adding, be sure to taste it often and add some spice where needed. Your employees can do this by testing their knowledge of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with this Quiz.

And last but not least...

To finish off this meal, ahem, I mean learning path, it’s important to let your employees think about the use of digital tools in their daily work and how these can help to work more effectively and efficiently. What tools can help them with that, how can they use their email to maximise potential? Take a look at our online courses Time Management or Writing Emails.

Haven't started spicing up the skills of your workforce yet? We got you.

Whether it’s focussing on feedback or learning to excel in Excel, get a taste of our library and discover our complete offer!

Chef's tips:

Challenge accepted

Was this recipe not challenging enough for your employees? They can delve into artificial intelligence to push themselves a little bit more and add computational thinking to the mix. Success guaranteed.

To each their own

Not everyone has the same digital skills. It is, therefore, useful to work with profiles or personas, to divide employees into groups and offer them their own development path on digital skills.

Assess, learn, repeat

It is recommended that the employees take the test again after following the learning path to see how much development has taken place.

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