GoodHabitz Recipes: Wellbeing

Below, we have carefully prepared an example of a learning path, related to the Wellbeing & Support growth area, to inspire you to stimulate your workforce to give their wellbeing a boost. Utilise this, or our other Recipes as inspiration, to learn from our specialists from the GoodHabitz Studios and effortlessly create your own learning paths.

Recipe completion time: 41 minutes.


No recipe would be complete without the right ingredients. With our different learning formats, you'll be able to inspire, inform, and engage your workforce. These ingredients take little time to complete, making the path you've set easily digestible, keeping your people hungry to learn. Continue reading to see an overview of the ingredients (learning format | course title | lesson title)!

  • Assessment | Mental Health - Beat the Stigma (6 minutes).
  • Up Close | Zest for life | Full of Energy (9 minutes).
  • Magazine | Zest for life | Full of Energy (15 minutes).
  • Explained | Work-Life Circus | Finding the Spotlight (1 minute).
  • Go! | Resilience | Gratitude Journal (10 minutes).

Variation tip for teams: WorkOut | The Science of Happiness (70 minutes).

Getting started.


While your employees might have the potential to be culinary geniuses, it all starts with gaining insights into your skill sets, strengths and potential blind spots. Armed with the relevant self-knowledge, they can start developing themselves with confidence and focus!

1. Assessment | Mental Health – Beat the Stigma

Our library has several assessments connected to wellbeing, from mindfulness to happiness at work. Important when fostering the wellbeing of your employees is that they feel the freedom to address their (mental) health and feel supported. Take the assessment to find out how open you, your colleagues and your organisation are, learn how to end stigmas and start having good conversations.


After making the right preparations, it's time for some action! Add these next ingredients to effectively improve the wellbeing skills of your workforce.

Zest for life | Full of Energy

Now, making small lifestyle changes might be challenging, and even though fitness is a topic for all people, not everyone will feel that way. Be inspired by this documentary on ‘Iron Gran’ by Eddie Brocklesby, and assure your colleagues that they can start working on their wellbeing at any point. 

Zest for Life | Full of Energy

Let’s start with some basics in this magazine. To improve your wellbeing, you need to stimulate your employees to work on optimal physical wellbeing by making (small) lifestyle changes. And that means the right amount of exercise, sleep and healthy nutrition. This way, your employees feel more energised and can cope better with day-to-day stress. Tip: also head to the course The Power of Sleep.

Work-life circus | Finding the Spotlight

Next up, you can add information about the right work-life balance to the mix. Sometimes, wellbeing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can feel like a juggling act, as shown in this Explained. Become more flexible, make your employees more aware of setting the right boundaries, and have a good balance between work and breaks.

Resilience | Gratitude Journal

But how do your employees cope when things affect your wellbeing negatively? How do you build organisational resilience? In the course Resilience, they will learn to handle loss, stress and drastic changes. One best practice? Start making a gratitude journal in this GO!. Tip: also head to the course Oh Yes, It’s Stress

The Science of Happiness

Finish your recipe for wellbeing with one of our WorkOuts. In this group exercise from the course The Science of Happiness, you delve into the science of positive psychology and complete your wellbeing recipe by including some more happiness at work. The outcome? A more energetic and positive work environment! 

Haven't started spicing up the skills of your workforce yet? We got you.

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Chef's tips:

Challenge accepted

Was this recipe not challenging enough for your employees? They can delve into Mind Your Brain, Mindfulness or Bye-Bye Burnout to push themselves a little bit more and add I Feel Good, Enjoy Your Job or Do Your Thing to the mix. As mentioned before, there are plenty of options!

The Wellbeing Week

Many organisations host a wellbeing week in which they combine online content with offline activities to boost this topic in their organisation. 

Assess, learn, repeat

It is recommended that you regularly check in on the wellbeing of the employees and make adjustments to reduce stress factors and create a positive environment at work. Do the assessment again after a while and see if there has been some change.

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