Effective learning for the

skills that matter tomorrow.

Let's get moving! Motivate your workforce to develop themselves in the areas that are most relevant for your organisation. Our unique approach gives your employees the self-insight and tools needed to develop the skills that matter most.

Self-knowledge: the missing piece of the puzzle.

As good as it may sound, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always work. Personal development is no different. Our assessments offer every employee a detailed insight into their needs, skill set and level of knowledge in just a matter of minutes. Because a strong start is the pathway to success.

Bite-sized training courses that keep you coming back for more.

It’s safe to say our training courses are so engaging that one is never enough! With inspiring content in 20+ languages with 25+ unique learning methods, your employees will love every second of their personal development journey as they gain the skills your organisation needs to succeed. Including everything from improving communication skills, to thinking outside-the-box.

Competencies to make your employees

remain fit for the future.

Our learning content is completely competency based. This means that we’ve consolidated 65 competencies that we believe are crucial in every organisation. These can in turn be mapped across 8 coherent development areas related to your most prominent L&D / HR challenges.

Self-care & Sensitivity

Create strong teams that know how to prioritize wellbeing.

Inspiration & Connection

Build a culture of optimism & positive communication.

Security & Control

Ensure efficiency by building strong teams.

Management & Authority

Learn to lead with confidence, determination and decisiveness.

Creation & Innovation

Boost teamwork and problem solving through innovative solutions.

Technology & Expertise

Learn how to use technology and data to your advantage.

Strategy & Realisation

Master setting a clear vision and your goals.

Collaboration & Harmony

Develop strong teams with unique and diverse qualities.

Learn where your organisation can thrive.

Wondering which growth area to tackle first? Our company scan holds the answer! Discover in less than 10 minutes where you can make most impact in your organisation. By answering the statements opposed, you will discover your organisations' current strengths and growth areas, plus the ambition you have to face tomorrow with confidence.

We've got every practicality covered.

Unlimited access

for your entire workforce.

Unmatched library

of titles.

Dedicated coaching

Connecting with your favourite LMS
is a piece of cake.

Marketing material

to promote our content in your organisation.


Curious to discover more?

Dip your toes in!

Whether it’s focussing on feedback or learning to excel in Excel, visit our library and discover what we have to offer!

These companies already invest

in the personal growth of their employees.

Join other industry leaders in moving their employees, teams and organisations forward through personal development.

Miscusi's growth is inconceivable to us without first thinking of all the professional (and why not, also personal!) growth of the people working in our company.
Antonio Zipete, Learning Manager
GoodHabitz was the perfect fit for our core values, and their courses have a solid educational structure. But most of all, GoodHabitz' courses are engaging and fun.
Patrick Eglmaier, Manager People Development & Organizational Learning.
As an innovative organisation with employees that find personal development crucial, it was important to us to give them the opportunity to develop themselves in the growth areas that fit their needs.
Raffaele De Bettin, CEO
DBA Group

Get started with making

personal development a good habit.

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