Collaboration & Harmony

Great teamwork starts with building stronger relationships. Strengthen your employees with competencies that support diversity, effectiveness, and open communication. They’ll be able to make it work from there!

We’re here to help you

build collaborative teams and team members. That support each other, but even more importantly they support diversity, resolve conflict. Embracing the unique strengths and perspectives of individuals to achieve shared objectives.

Competencies to find common ground.

Having more collaborative and diverse teams leads to greater innovation, better problem solving and improved decision making. So, encourage your employees to embrace these competencies and each other’s qualities. Because together you can move mountains!

Dealing with feedback
Team building
Social adaptability
Oral communication
Building engagement

Unique content to embrace unique strengths.



A team is so much more than a group of colleagues. Mutual trust, shared goals and clear agreements… that’s what makes a team!


Social Skills - Your Interactions with Others

Social skills are a must in today's society. Take the test and find out where your social strengths and weaknesses lie.


Team Roles - What Do You Bring to the Table?

Which team role will allow you to shine? Take the test and find out if you’re a good fit for your current position.


Communication Style - What is Your Colour?

Why do you always clash with some, and get along so well with others? Find out now!


Conversation techniques: LSD

You haven’t lived till you’ve tried LSD! (That’d be ‘Listen, Summarise, Dig deeper). Deeper understanding, better solutions and smarter decisions.


Social Intelligence

Do you feel like a fish out of water in social situations? After this Social Intelligence course it’s awkwardness no more!

Competencies to make your employees

remain fit for the future.

Our learning content is completely competency based. This means that we’ve consolidated 65 competencies that we believe are crucial in every organisation. These can in turn be mapped across 8 coherent development areas related to your most prominent L&D / HR challenges.

Self-care & Sensitivity

Create strong teams that know how to prioritize wellbeing.

Inspiration & Connection

Build a culture of optimism & positive communication.

Security & Control

Ensure efficiency by building strong teams.

Management & Authority

Learn to lead with confidence, determination and decisiveness.

Creation & Innovation

Boost teamwork and problem solving through innovative solutions.

Technology & Expertise

Learn how to use technology and data to your advantage.

Strategy & Realisation

Master setting a clear vision and your goals.

Collaboration & Harmony

Develop strong teams with unique and diverse qualities.

Learn where your organisation can thrive.

Wondering which growth area to tackle first? Our company scan holds the answer! Discover in less than 10 minutes where you can make most impact in your organisation. By answering the statements opposed, you will discover your organisations' current strengths and growth areas, plus the ambition you have to face tomorrow with confidence.

Thousands of organisations have entrusted GoodHabitz

with the personal development of their employees.


There’s no I in team
but there is in our trial!

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