Self-care & Sensitivity

Happy and healthy employees are better performing employees. It’s as simple as that. That’s why investing in your employees' mental health and wellbeing should be high on your priority list.

We’re here to help you

create teams and individuals that know how to manage factors that impact their personal wellbeing. All so that they are happy and comfortable with who they are, and in their role, to perform as their best self.

Competencies to put mind over matter.

With GoodHabitz your employees will get insight in their current state of mind and wellbeing, as well as actionable training to become even happier and healthier. Our content improves key competencies like stress resilience, empathy and coaching.

Organisational sensitivity
Resilience to stress
Interpersonal Sensitivity
Mental balance

Content to thrive in work and life.


The Science of Happiness

Are you looking to create more joy into your life? Researchers in positive psychology have discovered a wealth of techniques to help you reformulate your thinking. Get ready to start brewing bliss!


Bye Bye burnout

When it comes to burnout, prevention is better than cure. This training course will teach you all about how to handle it.


Oh Yes, It's Stress

Stress as a helping hand? Most definitely! Healthy tension boosts performance, so you get things done. How? This training course will teach you.


Count to 10! (Managing Emotions)

Want to be the ruler of your own inner world? This training course will help you manage your highs and lows.


Mind Mapping

Mind maps help you organise your thoughts and expand your brainpower. Get your crayons out!



Learn to stop living life on autopilot by being attentive and cherishing the moment. Foster mindfulness in your day to day.


Get a Grip, Clear Your Mind

Calm down, you busy little bee! Get a grip and relax, because clear minds are more productive and more creative.


Let Your Body Do the Talking

What does your body language say about you? Include your face and physique in your message. The best way to do that? This course is here to help!


Mind your Brain

You exercise to keep your body fit. But what about your brain? Take the course Mind Your Brain to exercise those grey cells.


Conversation techniques: LSD

You haven’t lived till you’ve tried LSD! (That’d be ‘Listen, Summarise, Dig deeper). Deeper understanding, better solutions and smarter decisions.

Competencies to make your employees

remain fit for the future.

Our learning content is completely competency based. This means that we’ve consolidated 65 competencies that we believe are crucial in every organisation. These can in turn be mapped across 8 coherent development areas related to your most prominent L&D / HR challenges.

Self-care & Sensitivity

Create strong teams that know how to prioritize wellbeing.

Inspiration & Connection

Build a culture of optimism & positive communication.

Security & Control

Ensure efficiency by building strong teams.

Management & Authority

Learn to lead with confidence, determination and decisiveness.

Creation & Innovation

Boost teamwork and problem solving through innovative solutions.

Technology & Expertise

Learn how to use technology and data to your advantage.

Strategy & Realisation

Master setting a clear vision and your goals.

Collaboration & Harmony

Develop strong teams with unique and diverse qualities.

Learn where your organisation can thrive.

Wondering which growth area to tackle first? Our company scan holds the answer! Discover in less than 10 minutes where you can make most impact in your organisation. By answering the statements opposed, you will discover your organisations' current strengths and growth areas, plus the ambition you have to face tomorrow with confidence.

Thousands of organisations have entrusted GoodHabitz

with the personal development of their employees.


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