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12 June 2024Blog10 min

We've got some seriously exciting news to drop on you today! Drumroll, please.. 🥁 We're rolling out some new learning content that will blow your socks off and send your curiosity into overdrive!

Lessons learned, in no time.

Each Lesson delves into a certain subject with clear learning objectives as its foundation, made up of 5 different learning activities. Watch, read, apply to learn a new skill within the blink of an eye!

Upskill or reskill within an hour. Yes, you read that correctly. The brand new GoodHabitz Lessons ensure impactful learning results without compromising your precious time.

And the best thing, you can share your learning experiences with your direct colleagues by teaming up (literally!). With the Team Up feature, create collaborative learning experience that will not only create impact but fun and knowledge sharing as well!

Want to learn more about the Lesson learning experience, check out our ‘Introducing: The GoodHabitz Lesson’ blog!

8 new titles, 8 new opportunities for growth.

Our library counts no less than 8 new content topics for all learners to explore. Check out the release for February 2024:

Just Wing It - Knowing how to ‘just wing it’ can help you fly to a higher level – both in your work and your personal life.

Choosing With Conviction - Uncover the importance of making decisions led by your values.

Neurodiversity - How to build a workspace that’s more inclusive for all brains – no matter how they’re wired.

Light Up The Room - Discover the power of positive relational energy: the ‘wow factor’ leadership skill everyone should have.

Welcome Back - Learn how to build a supportive environment that will help your teammate thrive after leave of absence.

Team Spirit - Discover how team spirit can transform a group of talented individuals into a force greater than the sum of its parts.

Generative AI - ChatGPT, Midjourney, Bard... Learn what generative AI is and what it has in store for you.

Are You Okay? - How everyone of us can make a difference by reaching out about mental health at work.

Please note: all 8 Lessons are available to those who have access to assessments. Don’t have access to our assessments yet? Then the following 3 Lessons are not available: Are You Okay?, Team Spirit, Light Up The Room.

Tomorrow calls for new skills.

We know that the way of work of constantly evolving, requiring the workforce to adapt to the changing environment. Highlighting the importance of personal development. But not just any content, oh no! Relevant and engaging learning experiences are right for any individual, regardless of their goals and ambitions.

GoodHabitz educational learning content is built with competencies at its core. Our research and experience with the learning and development landscape has resulted in culminating 65 competencies across 8 core growth areas we see as fundamental for successful individuals, teams and organisation.

More to look forward to.

As we’re on a never-ending quest to bring you the most relevant and engaging learning content, we’ll keep releasing new additions to our library. Expect 8 more engaging, relevant learning content to boost your employee's personal development every 3 months.

Disperse workforce? We know the importance of learning in your native language. So, we localise (yes localise, not just translate) all our content for learners all over the world, including German, Spanish, Italian and more.

Fancy a sneak peek into future topics? Check out what’s already in the works for next quarter!

  • Stop the Meeting Madness
  • How to Create Meaningful Relationships in a Digital Age
  • How to Deal with Impostor Syndrome
  • The Art of Negotiating
  • The Power of Priority
  • Rethinking Your Opinion
  • The Value of Kind Leadership
  • Love It or Leave It

Please note: these are working titles and are subject to change.

Here, there, anywhere.

Can’t wait to dive into all these new learning opportunities? All content is, as we speak, already available in English in our Mobile App (iOS or Android) or through So, whether you're on the go or at your desk, the resources are at your fingertips!

All content will be available in your LMS soon! Stay tuned.

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