Localisation - your passport to learning success!

Join our 35-minute webinar on localisation together with our Head of Localisation, María Rosales, alongside our UK Country Director, Tim Segers. They’ll explain the power of localised learning content and how it benefits the learning journey of your employees! 

Meet: Tim Segers

Tim is the Country Director for the UK and has been with GoodHabitz for over 8 years already. He's an expert in helping companies scale their learning opportunities to reach their goals. Originally from the Netherlands but currently living in London he knows what it’s like to be an expat himself! Which is why he can share first-hand experiences on how learning and working in a different language affects you at work and in your personal life. 

Meet: María Rosales

As Head of Localisation at GoodHabitz, talking about this topic is a no-brainer for María! She moved to the Netherlands for her job and has been with the company for 5 years María was born and raised in Spain and therefore (just like Tim) has experienced what it is to learn (and work) in a different language 

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