Deloitte uses self-insight to
effectively attain present and future skills.

30 June 2023Case Study6 min

Continuous innovation requires a constant flow of new knowledge. However, this is not always feasible without the right tools and guidance. With the educational content from GoodHabitz, Deloitte can make personal development work in an effective and efficient way. Employees can easily gain insight into their skills, strengths, and weaknesses, which empowers them to take the next steps in their personal development in a focused way. Combining the results with a tailor-made selection of educational content and various tools for reflection (individually and in teams) will lead to the success story described below.


  • The employees of Deloitte’s Business Support & Operations (BS&O) department need to keep up with the organization’s continuous innovation by acquiring additional knowledge.
  • With Deloitte’s ever-changing work environment, it’s crucial to actively prioritize personal development. However, this is not always feasible without the right tools and guidance.
  • Junior employees within the department BS&O generally find it difficult to find the right foundation and direction in their personal development path.
  • An icebreaker, that lowers the threshold to start working on personal development and to discuss the results within the teams of BS&O.
The positive approach of GoodHabitz's assessments, which is unique in the assessment world, fits perfectly with what we were looking for.

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How does Deloitte ensure that their employees live and breathe personal development? Check out their best-practices, to make personal development work within their organisation.

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