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16 November 2020Case Study7 min

The COVID-19 crisis turned everything upside down for a while – shopping malls were mostly empty, and many people tried to avoid visiting stores. Where otherwise a wild shopping experience took place, there was just an empty space. This change had an impact on retail employees: a massive number of employees who usually work in stores now suddenly found themselves at home. Unusual situations cannot be avoided – the Swedish clothing brand H&M faced this task. Because H&M’s employees are people of action, they don’t like to sit around doing nothing. On the contrary: at H&M, education and development are one of the most important values. For this reason, they put GoodHabitz' content in their shopping bags!

Let’s work on our personal growth.

Many organizations and their employees currently have to deal with unfamiliar situations. To get everyone out of this period in the best possible way, it is important to maintain the connection to the company and make sure that everyone does something good for themselves – for example working on ones own personal growth.

This scenario currently affects H&M, one of the world’s most popular fashion brands: due to the COVID-19 crisis, a large number of employees who normally work in the stores had to stay at home. They can no longer follow their usual activities focusing on happy clients and the latest trends in clothing. Therefore, the Swedish textile company introduced GoodHabitz into their organization, in addition to its in-house digital learning platform.

Our employees use the online courses to their hearts’ content. They share their favorite courses, which inspires others to try them too.
Angelica Witteman, Recruitment and Development Manager

Learning on an individual level.

With the implementation of GoodHabitz online trainings, the main focus was on the personal development of employees at H&M. With the GoodScan, learning gets on an individual level and employees are recommended to take courses that are tailored to their personal skills.

Presenting these results to H&M’s sales managers, they can focus on developing their employees’ most important skills.

Through the involvement of all managers and the support of the HR department, H&M is actively working to ensure that GoodHabitz online courses and assessments are successfully implemented throughout the company.

This is an inspiring story for every company struggling with unfamiliar situations but still wanting to continue offering their employees the opportunity to develop on a personal level. Want to learn more? Download the full story and read the interview with Angelica Witteman, Recruitment & Development Manager at H&M.

Download the complete
H&M case study.

If a huge fashion company can make it work, your organisation can definitely start learning too. Read the full H&M story and discover how GoodHabitz can help with a shopping bag full of inspiring and educational content!

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