GoodHabitz Recipes: Productivity

Below, we have carefully prepared an example of a learning path, related to the Research & Expertise growth area, to inspire you to stimulate your workforce to spend time as meaningfully as possible. Utilise this, or our other Recipes as inspiration, to learn from our specialists from the GoodHabitz Studios and effortlessly create your own learning paths.

Recipe completion time: 39 minutes.


No recipe is complete without the right ingredients. With our diverse learning formats, you can inspire, inform and engage your workforce on these topics. These ingredients are quick to complete, making the path you’ve set easily digestible and keeping your people hungry to learn. Below, you can find your ingredients (learning format | course title | lesson title).

  • Quick Scan | Time Management (10 minutes)
  • Magazine | Keep Your Eyes on the Goal | Focus! (15 minutes)
  • Fast Forward | Get a Grip, Clear Your Mind | A Solid System (1 minute)
  • Quiz | Work-Life Circus | The Balancing Act (3 minutes)
  • Dilemma Story | Time Management | Take Your Time! (10 minutes)

Getting started.


While your employees might have the potential to be culinary geniuses, it all starts with gaining insights into their skill sets, strengths, and potential blind spots. Armed with the relevant self-knowledge, they can start developing themselves with confidence and focus!

1. Quick Scan | Time Management

To fire up the productivity of your workforce, insight into their current time management skills is crucial. Do they know what’s eating up their time right now? Do they already apply time management techniques? Kick things off with the Quick Scan. You can compare it to asking your employees whether they want their meal to be spicy, or if they have any other food preferences.


After making the right preparations, it's time for some action! Add these next ingredients to effectively improve the productivity skills of your workforce.

Keep Your Eyes on the Goal (Focus!)

Want your employees to devote their time better and be more productive? Then you first need to make them aware of the goals they are working towards. Making their time matter starts with setting the right goals and priorities. Let them start with this Magazine. Tip: Also take a look at the course Stick to the Plan.

Get a Grip, Clear Your Mind (A Solid System)

The most time-consuming things are distractions. Just as you remove the dirt off your vegetables, you want to minimise emails and tasks that affect your productivity. With this Fast Forward, your employees become more aware of their most important tasks, allowing them to include them in their work schedule and eliminate distractions.

Work-Life Circus (The Balancing Act)

With the blurring of boundaries between work and personal life, maintaining a healthy work-life balance while still being productive can be tough. Create more awareness about their work-life balance in a fun way by adding this Quiz.

Time Management (Take Your Time!)

Procrastination, distractions, emergencies: we all experience it. Time to let your employees practise some effective time management techniques to gain more focus and attention in this Dilemma Story.

And last but not least…

To finish off your meal, ahem, I mean learning path, you can focus on courses that help you to increase your productivity in specific cases. Think for instance about the time spent on long meetings or endless projects. Think you can spend your valuable time more efficiently? Take a look at Exciting Meetings or Another Perfect Project.

Haven't started spicing up the skills of your workforce yet? We got you.

Whether it’s focussing on feedback or learning to excel in Excel, get a taste of our library and discover our complete offer!

Chef's tips:

Challenge Accepted 

Was this recipe not challenging enough for your employees? They can delve into The 80/20 Rule to increase productivity even more and add some digital courses like Microsoft: Outlook to the mix to create an organised agenda.

Time management tools

Experiment with different time management tools and techniques to find the perfect blend.

Assess, Learn, Repeat 

It is recommended that your employees regularly revise the recipe based on the evolving demands of their schedule. Do the Quick Scan again after a while and see if there has been some change. 

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