Time to thrive: Opening up about mental health at work.

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Mental health & employee wellbeing as your no. 1 priority.

Addressing the stigma of mental health and creating awareness at work can create a positive ripple effect throughout your entire organisation, improving both personal performance and team productivity, as well as decreasing absenteeism and employee turnover. But most importantly: creating a thriving workforce that feels good about themselves and the job they do. We tackle this, and much more, in our event ‘Time to thrive’. Discover it all by hitting play!👆

Dame Kelly Holmes - Former Olympian and mental health inspiration

Two-time Olympic gold medallist and mental health champion, Dame Kelly Holmes, shares her unique experiences on the importance of mental wellbeing.

Charlot Pagel - People & Culture Manager, Mammut

With a double degree in Business and Psychology, Charlot makes a unique connection between analytical thinking and human behaviour, cultivating a professional approach to creating a healthy work environment.

Mar Casas - Aeronautical Psychologist, Vueling Airlines

Responsible for coordinating the psychology support program at Vueling for the past 5 years, Mar is a true expert in aviation psychology! It’s time to fly and learn about her valuable insight and best practices.

Sandrien Boogaard - HR Director, GoodHabitz

Meet Sandrien, the driving force behind the People & Culture team. Her expertise and wealth of experience have made a significant contribution to the positive growth of GoodHabitz.

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