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There is no one better than our experts to share ideas, experiences and knowledge about GoodHabitz - they are a well of infinite wisdom! At the online events we organise at GoodHabitz, you will find lots of tips and tricks on trending topics in HR and how to use our courses and tools in the most effective way possible.

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Both our practical tools and our catalogue of online courses are designed to motivate everyone in your organisation to learn, but how best to translate this intention into the day-to-day running of a company? We answer this and many other questions in GoodHabitz events. Sign up for one of our events and find out how the ITO model, Promo Studio or the GoodScan report works. Our coaches and experts will explain how to get your team up and running.

Events full of ideas.

How do you create a learning culture in your company? Which courses are the best fit for you? What campaigns do you have to motivate employees? These pragmatic questions are precisely what we address during our events. Not only do we draw on the extensive experience of our coaches and training experts, but we also provide examples and best practices from other clients, creating a forum for discussion where everyone has a contribution to make! After this experience, you will be more than ready to make learning take off successfully in your company.

Which event is best suited to your company?

GoodHabitz events are designed to help you boost training in your company. Each event focuses on a specific topic. For example: the ITO model, Promo Studio, the GoodScan report... Our experts share their tips on how to get the most out of what GoodHabitz has to offer, so come along with pen and paper and take notes! Sign up for the event that best fits your company's case or, if you prefer, you can get to work right away by watching the recordings of the events we have organised to date.