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Safety first! At work, and in your own life. Discover the importance of good habits with our online safety courses, our courses on workplace stress, or one of our many health courses.

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Build a safer workplace with the safety courses from GoodHabitz.

A safe and healthy workplace increases employee satisfaction. Create a safe working environment by having all employees in your organisation follow a GoodHabitz safety course. Learn about the importance of a safe workplace and how your employees can make an important contribution to this safety. Start, for example, with the course on workplace stress. This online stress course tells you all about the signs and consequences of workplace stress. In addition, you will learn about the positive elements of healthy tension in the Oh Yes, It’s Stress course. And you will discover the importance of privacy and information security in the safety course ‘Privacy’. With GoodHabitz, all these and many more online courses are available to everyone in your organisation.

Work on your health and energy with online health courses.

Stress in the workplace? Too preoccupied with social media? Or are your colleagues struggling with their diet, exercise and sleeping patterns? GoodHabitz helps your employees get to grips with their personal health through various online health courses. Discover the power of sleep, learn ways to recognise stress, and beat your social media addiction. GoodHabitz's online courses provide you with inspiring examples, useful tips and practical tools to get started with your health, either on your own or as a team. GoodHabitz’s online courses help you, your colleagues, and all employees in your organisation to create good habits.

Start your online safety course today.

GoodHabitz's online courses make learning a good habit. Our courses are accessible, inspiring, and above all incredibly fun. Because of this, you keep learning, course after course! With GoodHabitz, you, your colleagues and all of the employees in your organisation can decide for themselves what, when, and where they want to learn. Follow a safety course to make your job even safer. More interested in health? Then improve the vitality of your employees with an online health course. With GoodHabitz, you'll continue to challenge your employees to learn new skills and make sure they stay bright-eyed and bushy-tailed during busy periods!