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Can learning be as much fun as binge-watching your favourite show? We think so! What’s more, we believe that it’s the best way to get your employees to spend more time on their personal development. Our experience shows that employees who get started with our online courses make learning a good habit! Our online courses are all inspiring, current, and accessible. And with the extensive range of online courses in our library, you'll never be out of skills to practice! In fact, we add new courses to our range every month.

What does a GoodHabitz online course look like?

All our online courses are designed and produced in-house. Our learning and development specialists write, draw, film, edit, and develop every online course from scratch. This is the only way we can be sure that we're making the best courses for everyone. In terms of content, each course consists of several fixed components. You start the online course with an introduction to the subject, then you learn some critical, practical skills, and finally, we reinforce your newly gained knowledge with a summary. Curious to see if you retained everything? Take the test and get your certificate! Learning has never been easier.

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The great advantage of e-learning is that you can access educational content anytime, anywhere. At GoodHabitz we go one step further to get everyone in your organisation to start learning in no time: Are you an avid reader? Or would you rather watch a video? No problem! All the content in our online courses is available in different forms. From assignments to practical cases, from animations to a quick quiz-there's always a learning style that suits you perfectly. Are you ready for your first online course? Start with one from our library, or take them all!