Online learning

for all your employees.

GoodHabitz creates high employee learning engagement with unique, entertaining, and snackable educational content. From online training courses to masterclasses and self-assessments, your entire workforce will stay excited to continuously develop themselves!

  • Snackable content

  • LMS-integration

  • One fixed fee

The fastest-growing

online learning provider.

We help companies to establish a learning mindset by providing a wide variety of learning formats, being accessible and inspiring curiosity. Students love what we offer, they rate our courses 8.6 out of 10. What makes us different? See below!

High quality

educational content.

Our online courses and assessments are localised in 10+ languages and developed in-house by learning experts and therefore always unique. Quality is thus guaranteed!

Easily integrated

into your LMS.

LMS integration is a breeze for us! We integrate with most Learning Management System out there, ranging from LTI, SSO or Remote SCORM.

One fixed price

for unlimited access.

One fixed price for your organisation to get unlimited access to our complete library of self-assessments and online courses. No fine print! That's how we do it as GoodHabitz because, just like you, we want all your employees to make learning a habit.


Peek into our library!

Nothing beats trying GoodHabitz for yourself rather than just reading about it! Explore our platform & discover a world of possibilities for your organisation.

From enterprise to SME,

finance to fashion.

Thousands of organisations from across the globe have already entrusted GoodHabitz with the personal development of their employees.

We believe that the acquisition of soft skills and personal wellbeing outside of work makes employees happy and high-performing.
Silvia Mancuso, Talent Manager
It is now more necessary than ever to have tools like GoodHabitz. Making it easier for leaders to develop teams and connect talent to keep us competitive.
María Jesús Melero, Head of Talent Development

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