How do I create a successful ongoing learning culture within my organisation?

A learning culture doesn’t just magically appear at the office (unfortunately!). Research shows that 89% of the people in your organisation want to develop themselves, but only 20% will jump at the chance to start learning. The other 69% will need a nudge in the right direction to get started. Does this sound familiar? And how can you change these numbers? We’re glad to take things further!

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There are plenty of tools out there that will help you to get your employees motivated to start learning. One being our dedicated GoodHabitz coaches, supported by a proven methodology. Let’s have a look at how it works!

In this article: 

  • We discuss how years of experience helped us to create the ITO model: a great starting point to create a successful ongoing learning culture in any organisation 
  • Discover how integrated tools like the GoodScan and PromoStudio are a scalable way of activating your employees to start learning 
  • Get inspired: personal development as a team at e-commerce company bloomon

How the ITO model stimulates learning

With the support of our ITO model, we will stimulate your employees to start learning on an Individual, Team and Organisational level. This model is based on over a decade of experience and home-crafted online tools, and it will help you to build a modern age learning culture.

The ITO model consists of three levels; Individual, Team, and Organisation and is based on a step-by-step approach, starting with the individual.

ITO Model


The first step is zooming in on the personal development of your employees. Our goal is to ensure that everyone learn from our online training courses, this is done by allowing your employees to freely choose themselves what they want to learn, when, how and where to do so. Since our library is full of fun and challenging courses – there is something for everyone!


Teamwork makes the dream work, right? The second step is focused on the Team level. Managers play a crucial role when activating their employees. If you involve a manager with GoodHabitz and personal development – his or her team or department will automatically follow. To realise this, our coaches organise inspiring sessions, various trainings courses and WorkOuts – to make learning as a team easier!


The final step of the ITO model is focused on the Organisational level. Here, we focus on the core values of your business, current topics, and internal projects. These subjects (and many others!) are the perfect framework for personal development. In this way, you will show what is important within your organisation but also how your employees can contribute, which will stimulate a learning culture. Our coaches will assist you when developing themes for your organisation and link them to the correct training courses.

Coaching tools that stimulate learning 

Now you know how the ITO model works, but how does it work in practice? How do we spark the motivation in the 69% to start learning? Your managers are busy, we get that. That’s why we created all the tools they need to get the best out of GoodHabitz! Let’s dive into it.

Start off with doing the GoodScan, we already mentioned this nifty test in one of our previous challenges. Once done, send the results to the manager and set up a meeting. In this meeting, also called the ‘preparation conversation,’ your manager will have access to the ‘preparation conversation-sheet' and a deck of talking cards. These two items are created so all your manager has to do is to look at the results of the employee, compare the results with the different questions on the sheet or the various topics on the talking cards. This will help them to structure the conversation and they are ready to go!

In this meeting the goals and ambitions of the employee are set. To follow up, an ‘evaluation conversation;’ is planned. For this meeting, the manager will have access to another sheet – prepared with the perfect questions or conversation starters in order to evaluate the personal development plan of the employee.

Where do these tools come from, and where can the manager find them? They are all accessible in our own program called PromoStudio. On this platform your managers can find all the tools they need to promote GoodHabitz! Anything from the preparation sheets, flyers, e-mail templates or posters to hang up in the office.

WorkOuts to combine online and offline learning

Besides this, we also offer coaching sessions called WorkOuts. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go to the gym or run a mile (unless you want to!). The GoodHabitz WorkOuts are group activities that can be done offline, perhaps in one of your meeting rooms!

The goal with the WorkOuts is to create team spirit, alignment within the organization and to stimulate a learning culture. The perfect way to get everyone involved in your company’s learning journey!

In addition to these great tools, our coaches will also arrange workshops for your managers, so they know exactly how to use GoodHabitz in the most efficient way. 

bloomon “The WorkOut takes you completely into the subject, so it doesn't matter how much prior knowledge you already have.”

Personal development as a team at bloomon

Bloomon is an online florist where the customers can take out a flower description – making sure they get fresh flowers delivered to their doorstep. The company has around 160 employees in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK and Denmark. Together with GoodHabitz they enabled everyone within the company to work on personal development.

In addition to using the normal online courses, bloomon decided to make use of GoodHabitz’ WorkOuts and work on personal development as a team. The managers at bloomon identified specific learning needs within the team and with assistance from a GoodHabitz coach they received documents with the course training as well as videos and questions to be used when facilitating the session.

Maud van den Tillaart, happiness manager at bloomon, recently participated in one of the WorkOuts on the theme of cultural diversity:

“The WorkOut takes you completely into the subject, so it doesn't matter how much prior knowledge you already have. We started with some questions on the subject which easily started interesting and in-depth conversation, sharing our experiences on the subject.”

She continues by saying that the conversations, assignments, and structure of the WorkOuts helped her, and her colleagues reach their own learning goals, but also motivated them to keep using WorkOuts in the future.

This article is part of our 'L&D Challenges & Solutions' blog series. In every article, we connect the challenge to a leading company that solved the challenge. We summarised all of them in this article. Want to read more inspirational stories from our clients? Check out our case studies! 

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