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Work plays an important role in our daily lives. It stimulates and develops you, gives you an active role in society and promotes your growth. Whilst looking from the perspective of the organisation, one must remember that people are the most important asset within an organisation. That is why Randstad has been bringing people and work together for more than 60 years. With a leading role in the job market, this major HR service provider knows exactly how to take you and your career to the next level. They not only think about the next step in your career, but also about your personal development, growth and the development of new skills.

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Part of the company culture

Personal development is an important part of Randstad’s corporate culture. From classroom training to professional development courses, Randstad invests in the personal development of both its temporary and flex workers. The GoodHabitz online training courses immediately appealed to them. “The extensive offer and the positive tone are very important for our target group,” says Christian Duparqc, Advisor Training for Talents at Randstad Belgium.

“A part of our target group needs to be inspired to start working on their personal development. An attractive learning environment with a modern look and feel helps with that”

In addition, the flexibility of and in the training courses really appealed to Randstad. “Each training course consists of videos, magazines and various games. So, you learn in a fun what is not comparable to school,” says Christian. Petra Kemper, Senior Staff Specialist at Randstad Netherlands adds: “And the flexibility and choice extends beyond just the way you learn. The training courses are built up from a pick-and-choose philosophy. You don’t have to follow the entire course; you can also pick and see what you need at that moment.”

Everyone must be able to develop themselves

It’s exceptional that people who have not yet started working via Randstad can also make use of the GoodHabitz training courses before they embark on their new work journey. Petra explains, “We think it’s enormously important that everyone can develop themselves further. This low-threshold form of learning gives all our people control over their own development.” And with success! The GoodHabitz training courses are evaluated by Dutch flex workers with a score of 8.2! In Belgium, this is even slightly higher with an 8.3. Curious how Randstad managed to achieve these great scores? Or would you like to know more about Randstad’s strategy for implementing GoodHabitz online courses? Download the full story and get inspired!

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Randstad is already boosting the careers of their employees with our online training courses. Wondering how your company can get started with learning and development? Then read the full Randstad story and get inspired!

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