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How do you get your employees excited about working on their personal development? Easy, with the best online courses out there! Our learning content is designed to be engaging, snackable and inspiring, empowering your people to upgrade their skills across a wide range of competencies.  

Courses that inspire growth

Our high-quality online courses are designed to not only get your employees started with personal development, but to continue to work on it. How? With courses based on a proven didactic model, built around 65 competencies in 8 different development areas. But most importantly: with inspiring topics, engaging learning formats and a fun style that keeps your employees coming back for more.

Learning to your liking.

There is no arguing over taste when it comes to online learning. That’s why we at GoodHabitz create content that’s to everyone's liking. With bite-sized learning formats in 20+ localised languages, we not only speak to each individual, but our courses also motivate teams and the entire organisation to take personal development to the next level!

Future-ready employees.

Having the right skills for the job will lead to employees that stick around. No wonder our content library is always growing! We even help your employees to find the most effective areas for self-improvement - all to make sure that their efforts have the most impact on their personal development and help prepare them for the challenges of the future.

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Educational content that's built to have an impact. We’ll ensure you have everything you need to get your employees to upgrade themselves.

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Linkedin for professionals

Information Security

Social Media Marketing

Excel Essentials (Office 365)

Microsoft 365: PowerPoint

Speak Business English

Español en el trabajo: escribir

Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz: Schreiben

Parler le français des affaires

Masterclass Ben Tiggelaar - Behaviour Change

Masterclass Jim Stolze - Digital transformation

Motivation What Drives You?

Mind Mapping

Writing Emails

Clever Purchasing

Let Your Body Do the Talking

Cold Calling for Warm Personalities

The Elevator Pitch


Go Team!

Get a Grip, Clear Your Mind

Learning How to Learn

Talent Development

Mind your brain

Happiness at Work Oh Happy (Working) Day

Facebook for Businesses

From self-insight to self-development

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