Learn your way.

Learning with GoodHabitz means learning however you want to. From inspiring documentaries to interesting magazines, and from knowledgeable experts to challenging assignments – you only listen to, watch, or do the parts of the course that suit your way of learning. There’s something there for everyone, and the sky is the limit.

Next level learning methods

Everyone learns in their own way. You might enjoy reading a magazine. Your co-worker prefers watching a video instead. And James from finance is a hands-on type of lad who likes to put things into practice with challenging assignments. GoodHabitz fulfils your needs – and those of your co-worker and James the finance guy. Our courses are full of unique, different kinds of learning methods. In other words: there’s something there for everyone.

Our learning methods

  • Moments
  • Magazines
  • Quickscan
  • Explained
  • Facetime
  • Fact Show
  • Good to know
  • Instructions
  • Smart Info
  • Case Study
  • Quiz
  • Go! | To do
  • Fast forward
  • Dilemma Story
  • Interview
  • How-To
  • Storyboard
  • Smart Image
  • Test

Moments – Let these short documentaries inspire you.

Move over, Louis Theroux – Cintia Taylor and Ikenna Azuike are here. In these short documentaries, they encounter people with life-changing moments.

Magazines – Snackable, informative content.

Our beautifully designed magazines are difficult to put down. Packed with good stories, inspiring quotes and useful tips!

Quick Scan – Find out how much you already know.

Start the course by doing the Quick Scan, a nifty self-test to help you find out how much you already know about the topic. Shift your focus!

Explained – Fast-paced learning.

The Explained format presents a new theory, model or principle in a short, easy-to-digest animated video. Efficient, informative, and fun!

Facetime – Learn from the best.

What better way to learn than from experience? In our Facetime videos, experts from all kinds of fields share their insights and knowledge.

Fact Show – Stats and science, presented the fun way.

Our Fact Show brings you the science behind the subject, and it’s anything but boring. You’ll be amazed at how easily you’ll remember these tidbits!

Good to Know – Short and engaging online lectures.

Curious to know more about a particular theory or experiment? Our host will teach you everything you want to know.

Instructions – Boring manuals are a thing of the past!

These instructions will help you get started with text and video. Learn the basics quickly and thoroughly and you’ll be well on your way!

Smart Info – A structured overview of what you’ve learned.

Smart Info combines the most important insights in a course in a nifty, intuitive overview. Use it as a quick refresher!

Case Study – Apply what you’ve learned in real life.

Our Case Studies help you apply the theories from a course in real-life examples. You get two choices… will you make the right one?

Quiz – Puzzling questions and striking, fun facts.

Love to test your knowledge? The Quiz is just the ticket. Answer the questions to see how knowledgeable you truly are.

Go! | To Do – Roll up your sleeves.

Time to get to work! These practical assignments will give you insight into your own behaviour, and give you the opportunity to apply your new skills.

Fast Forward – A sneak peek at what’s in store for you.

In our Fast Forward animations, you’ll be updated in a minute or two. We summarise all models, theories and important points from each lesson.

Dilemma Story – How does it end? You decide.

In this choose-your-own-adventure type format, you’re taken on a journey and faced with various choices to make. You’re in control, but you up for it?

Interview – A Q&A with the expert.

In our inspiring Interviews, experts share their stories and knowledge, adding an interesting perspective to the theories presented.

How-To – Put your knowledge into practice, step by step.

Want to know exactly how to do a certain task? Our How-To format consists of crystal-clear instruction videos with step-by-step explanations on usage.

Storyboard – Cool animations with a lesson to learn.

Watch the Storyboard video to learn more about the subject of your training course in a fun, original way.

Smart Image – A picture paints a thousand words.

And this format is proof of that! Images make it easier to remember things, especially when there’s lots of hidden info. A fan of Where’s Wally maybe?

Test – Assess your knowledge with the final test.

Time to assess whether you’ve remembered everything, or whether to revise a few bits of the course. Nailed the test? Then you’ll get a certificate!

Continue innovating

And the best part? We have an entire team of people dedicated to continuous innovation, in order to give you what you deserve. These masterminds look at things just a little differently. Their ideas are out of this world! They’re not just upgrading our current training course library, but also developing new ways of learning and experimenting with tools to make it even more fun and easy. So keep an eye out for new developments coming your way! 

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GoodHabitz Moments

At GoodHabitz, we always keep an eye on what’s happening in the world around us. There’s so much going on, and we want to capture all that magic to inspire you! That’s why we’ve created GoodHabitz Moments. These short documentaries are so inspiring, you won’t even realise you’re learning something new.

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