Is your workplace Diverse, Inclusive and Equity friendly?

Have a look around you, what do you see? Your computer is American, your food is Mexican and the car you drive is Japanese. Our society benefits from a blending of cultures and organisations are realising that bringing people together leads to more empathy, creativity and innovation. But how aware is your business and what are they doing to become more inclusive? Additionally, what can you do on an individual level? Find out with our checklist!

How to improve on an individual, team & organisational level.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

This checklist is structured across three levels: individual, team and organisational. After all, becoming more diverse and inclusive is not a one-man job, it's part of a wider effort. Simply tick the statements which are true for you and your organisation. Did you check all the boxes? If not, then you know where there is room for growth! Based on the results, you can find out how you and your business perform on D&I issues, as well as what you can do to become a more diverse, inclusive and equity-friendly organisation.

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D&I Checklist

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity is a critical topic for the modern business. Having a workforce where everyone feels accepted for who they are and that their ideas are valued doesn't just help to build a positive company culture, but it has a tangible impact on business performance. Find out how well your business is performing across D&I issues. Simply download our checklist to get started!

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