Craftsmanship and ingenuity.

Interesting content, inspiring experts, activating learning methods and a cheeky wink here and there; that's what GoodHabitz training courses are all about. How do we create that rock-solid content? Every training course is made 100% in-house. Our content team continuously provides new and current titles in our online library and thanks to our innovation team, the training courses are not only future proof but we even dare to anticipate on HR trends and developments.

This is how we make our training courses!

Multidisciplinary team

Educators, writers, an editor-in-chief, graphic designers, animators, video editors, documentary makers, final editors, a director, actors, various experts and a support staff. A team of more than twenty specialists work on each training course. We develop learning objectives, learning formats and look for the right experts at home and abroad. The result? A complete training course in about 3 months time!

From A to Z

The blueprint of each training course is our self-designed matrix. Our educational experts use relevant literature, interviews with experts and they examine the latest trends around the theme of the training. Only when the content is as tight as a string do the writers, designers and animators provide the perfect learning format. Only when a training course has been fully double-checked will it appear in the library!
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We like to be at the forefront

Chunk learning, microlearning or self-directed learning are the current hot topics. However, our innovation team was already working on those subjects a year or so ago. How can we make our platform and our product even more personal, intuitive and simply more fun? That's a question that our innovators address every day. Sometimes the solution lies in a new feature, sometimes in a comprehensive tool such as an app or assessment. Our Innovation Team assures you of the best and latest learning methods.