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Improve your soft skills with online training courses

With GoodHabitz, you inspire your employees to get started on something new. Learning new skills has never been this fun and this easy. With over 150 broadly applicable online courses, divided into 8 different categories, everyone in your organisation can get started right away. Upgrade digital skills throughout your organisation with an Excel training course. Teach teams to work together better and more efficiently through a management or teamwork course. And let employees discover their individual talents with a course focused on communication, productivity or inspiring leadership.

GoodHabitz business training courses

GoodHabitz develops new online courses every month. We do this to make sure that you, your team and the employees in your organisation are never out of (skills to) practice. Our generic online training courses are inspiring, contemporary and practical. Every online course teaches you new skills that you can immediately apply in practice. Check out animated videos, discover recognisable practical cases or listen to an interview with an inspiring expert. You decide for yourself what you learn, where you learn and how you get started. Curious about whether you have really retained all your new-found knowledge? Take the test and obtain your certificate.

Which online course do you start with?

We've got more than 150 online courses, so you can wander around our library for hours. But that'd be a shame, because that time is better spent learning a new skill. Our advice is: start with the GoodScan!

This simple self-test uses a number of questions to determine your personality type, noteworthy character traits and opportunities for growth. Based on this, the GoodScan gives you an overview of online courses that suit you best. This way, you'll hit the ground running with your first course within a few minutes. Spoiler alert: after that first course, learning is bound to become a good habit!