The GoodHabitz Hall of Fame

Every logo in our hall of fame represents an organisation that is well-deserving of their spot. Not only because they do amazing work, but more over because each one of them is actively involved in the personal development of their employees. We're proud to call all the amazing brands below our clients.

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  • Finance
  • FMCG & Manufacturing
  • Governmental
  • Healthcare
  • Oil, Gas & Energy
  • Other
  • Services
  • Wholesale & Retail

Will your organisation be the next addition
to our hall of fame?

We'd love to welcome you to our gallery! But before we do, you might want to find out more about our online training courses or the price for online learning in your organisation. Schedule a demo with one of our online learning consultants or calculate your best deal right away.

Become our newest GoodHabitz client

We’d love to welcome you and your organisation as the newest GoodHabitz client. Because we believe every company could benefit from our online training courses. Not only do your employees feel happier and more successful when they can develop themselves continuously, but it also creates the first step towards a learning culture within your organisation. GoodHabitz clients receive access to our complete library for all their employees at one fixed price. Next to that, each client at GoodHabitz receives coaching and access to various innovative tools to help them build their learning culture. Are you exited to get started? We would be happy to have you as our client!

Online training courses for every industry

With 2000+ clients and over 10 years of experience in online learning, we are well represented in every industry. From retail to healthcare to finance and insurance to education even government and NGO’s. Our online training courses serve GoodHabitz clients in each industry. And that’s something your organisation can benefit from. Based on our experiences we can share best practices from GoodHabitz clients within your industry. This means you don’t have to re-invent the wheel; you can immediately implement all learnings from our current clients to get your organisation learning in no-time. Ready to get your organisation exited for online learning? We’re happy to welcome you as our new GoodHabitz client.

GoodHabitz clients love personal development

We’re proud that so many inspiring brands already decided to become a client of GoodHabitz. This shows that not only is personal development and online learning for organisations is becoming increasingly important, but it also reflects a desire from employees to constantly develop themselves personally. Our customer base at GoodHabitz consists not only of big international companies, but we also have numerous local hero’s and NGO’s as our clients. In other words, every organisation can become a client of GoodHabitz since personal development is important for everyone. Will you be the next organisation to join the GoodHabitz Hall of Fame? We would love to welcome you to our clientele.