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Teamwork makes the dream work. But not without great teamwork skills! With GoodHabitz online teamwork training courses you can provide management training and teamwork training for your employees with just one solution! Our library offers e-learning for managers to improve the results of your teams from top-to-bottom, as well as teamwork training for employees to integrate better collaboration. It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing! Upgrade your teamwork skills by starting your first teamwork course today!

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Improve productivity with corporate teamwork training.

Effective teamwork takes a clear purpose, employees that trust each other and build on each other's talents. Corporate teamwork training courses can help in building the right teamwork skills to improve collaboration. GoodHabitz offers online training courses for managers like ‘Self-organizing teams’, ‘Another Perfect Project’ and ‘Engage 'Em’ to help them understand what it takes to realise effective teamwork. All the content in these corporate teamwork training courses, and our online training for managers is fun, engaging and inspiring. Because if you like what you learn, the knowledge will stick with you. With our corporate teamwork training we want to build stronger team spirit and improve productivity at the same time. Now, that’s what you call effective teamwork skills.

Effective management training for employees.

Are you searching for effective and inspiring management training for your employees? GoodHabitz has got you covered! With corporate teamwork training like ‘SCRUM’ and ‘LEAN’ you and your employees will learn to embrace new working methods. Next to that our management courses for employees will teach them everything they need to know about engagement, creating purpose and teamwork skills. Now, of course our courses can also be used as refreshing e-learning for managers. With GoodHabitz you basically get e-learning for managers and management training for your employees in one solution! Because after all, the employees of today are the managers of tomorrow, right?

Effortless chemistry with online teamwork training.

There is no ‘I’ in team. But there is in GoodHabitz! With our online teamwork training courses your employees can take a teamwork course where, when, and how they like! In each online teamwork training they can pick and choose their favourite way of learning from over 25 learning methods. Magazines, short documentaries, quizzes and interviews all of these content formats are part of our online teamwork training courses. Because if you take a teamwork course that you like, at a time that suits you, in a way that fits your preference learning becomes much more fun than with just a regular online teamwork training.