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Everyone benefits when personal development becomes a good habit. Luckily, we’re not alone in thinking this. It’s something all our 2,000+ clients believe in. Are you ready to embrace a growth mindset? We’d love to welcome you to our hall of fame!

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When we say everyone benefits from personal development, we actually mean everyone! That’s why we not only support the employees of big international companies but also the local heroes with our online training courses. We’re happy to showcase the wide variety of our clients: from big to small enterprises to commercial to non-profit. After all, it’s not the size that matters! 

First hand experiences.

We would love to tell you everything there is to know about GoodHabitz. However, we found out there are people who do a way better job at it, our clients! Find out, first hand, how they experience our training courses, learning methods and the effect of online learning.

  • H&M
  • BDO
  • Randstad

Our employees use the courses to their hearts’ content. They share their favourite courses, which inspires others to try them too.

Angelica Witteman Recruitment & Development Manager

We have chosen GoodHabitz for its wide range of training courses and accessible online platform.

Hetty Peeters Senior L&D Advisor

Each training course consists of videos, magazines and various games. So, you learn in a fun way that is not comparable to school.

Christian Duparqc Advisor Training for Talents at Randstad Belgium

The hall of fame.

95% customer loyalty.

We’re enormously proud that 2000+ clients have already chosen GoodHabitz for their organisation. But there is one thing that really makes us beyond excited: 95% of our clients choose to work with us year after year. Customer loyalty is priceless, that’s why each time we renew a contract from one of our happy clients it feels like the crowning glory of our work.

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Shared success

Success tastes best when shared. That’s why we asked our clients to share why they think GoodHabitz is the best thing since sliced bread. Just kidding. However, they do tell you all about their selection process, their approach to offer our online courses to their employees and the results achieved. Curious? Check out all the success stories here:

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With over 2000+ clients we are well represented in all industries. Curious to find out which organisations already use GoodHabitz in your playing field? Take a look at the categories below.

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