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The developments in the digital world go faster than the speed of light nowadays. So, how do you and your colleagues keep up with this pace? Start with our online digital skills courses! With courses on Microsoft Office, Social Media, and Artificial intelligence you can easily refresh your digital skills every now and then. Our digital skills courses got you covered so the digital space will no longer hold any secrets from you.

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Excel with Microsoft e-learning courses such as Word, Teams, and Outlook.

Our Microsoft e-learning courses are one of our most popular digital skills training courses. That comes as no surprise: Microsoft tools are essential for most businesses in the digital age. These programs are designed to make your work life easier. Are you currently utilizing them in the most efficient way though? We dare to say that your employees can get more out of programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Teams, or Microsoft Outlook with our popular Microsoft training courses. Hands down! The best part: doing Microsoft courses online means that your workforce can start learning while using the tools. Learning by doing. This means that they can put their learnings from these digital skill courses directly into practice. You will see positive results in no time. Pinky promise!

Turn likes into revenue with our social media courses for businesses.

Your employees are on social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn. So are your potential customers! Having an account on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram keeps you tuned into your clients, prospects, and helps to drive relevant traffic to your website. How do you avoid getting lost in the world of social media? Our business social media course library shows you where to start and how to do it right. Take an online social media marketing course and discover what it takes to be successful at social media marketing. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

Digital skills for employees are worth their weight in gold.

There are many surprises in life. The world becoming more digital is not one of them. This certainty makes it easier for you to decide which skills to invest in. A solution to help developing digital skills for employees is worth its weight in gold. Our digital training for employees is not only for beginners. Our digital skill courses are relevant for both newbies and digital nomads. Not to mention that training digital skills is a solution where everyone benefits. Developing digital skills for work is not only handy for your employees’ professional career, but also for building a better digital skillset is helpful after working hours.

Digital pitfalls: Recognize fake news or take a social media detox course.

Digital is not just fun and handy. There are also pitfalls in the digital world we live in today. Your feed is full of fake news, and some of us could actually use some distance from social media. Having digital skills means not being fooled by your feed either. Do you know the difference between real news and fake news? Take our recognising fake news course and develop a critical mindset to separate the truth from the lies.

Another common pitfall takes it one step further. Spending more time on social media than seeing friends and family in real life can become a nasty habit. Do you wish you spent more time out in the real world? Cease the doomsday scrolling! The good news is that we offer the best of both worlds. Our digital training course library also gives your employees access to our infamous social media detox course.

Our advise: take a social media break every now and then. Surround yourself with your loved ones, work on developing good habits, and swap the Facebook timeline scrolling with scrolling through the GoodHabitz course library instead. ;-)