Getting started: practical steps.

A solid foundation sets the tone for success. That's why we'll begin by handling some practical matters to ensure you can use GoodHabitz effectively in your daily operations. This includes activating your company account, exploring the dashboard features, and assigning administrator roles. Once these steps are completed, we'll move on to the most important part of building a learning culture: inviting your employees to get started!

1. Activate your company account.

Look out for an email from containing your activation link. Clicking this link will activate your admin role – it’s easy as pie! Please note that the link is valid for one week, so act quickly! Once your account is active, you'll have immediate access to the admin dashboard and all source materials. Start exploring right away!

2. Manage roles.

As an admin, you gain access to additional functionalities in GoodHabitz. This includes inviting employees, monitoring learning activities, assigning roles, suggesting training courses, and downloading resources. Note: if you also need access to reports and user numbers, consider switching your role from admin to reporter.

Roles within your

GoodHabitz account.

You have the option to retain sole admin privileges or share this role with select colleagues. Below is an overview of all available roles:


Can assign roles and has access to all sections of GoodHabitz.

Account Manager

Can assign roles and has access to all sections of GoodHabitz.


Has insight into reports and usage numbers of your organisation.


Gets access to the connection between your platform and GoodHabitz.


Has access to all tools, resources and the Promo Studio.


Has access to all content in the GoodHabitz library.

3. Gain insights through the dashboard.

Interested in how GoodHabitz is performing in your organisation? Access all the relevant data through your organisation's live dashboard. For more details, consult the GoodHabitz manual. You can also click on the question mark at the bottom right of the dashboard for 'Help on the Spot'— we're here to assist you!

4. Build support.

Is everyone in your organisation already on board? Fantastic! Building support across all levels of the organisation is crucial for a successful implementation. Engage board members, managers, HR, marketing colleagues, and enthusiastic initiators to champion online learning internally and ensure its success.


There’s a technical side to starting with GoodHabitz. There are many different ways you can make the GoodHabitz platform available for your learners. Feeling a bit lost? We’ve dedicated two sections in our Help Center to integrations, so you can try to find the answers to your questions here. Otherwise, we’re only one email away!

All practicalities have been taken care of.

So it's about time you start engaging your employees with GoodHabitz. Find out on the next page how best to do this in phase 2: communications!

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