Coming back and looking back.

Very slowly, we’re returning to our normal lives. Children are going back to school, pubs are soon to reopen, and people are tentatively going back to the office. Tons of adjustments and regulations are being put in place to prevent Covid-19 from striking again. This new reality can be challenging, so it’s important to talk to your co-workers and teammates about it.

Reboarding is a concept you will be hearing about a lot. It’s all about helping your employees transition from the old reality to the new. A successful return to the workplace is a shared responsibility: if one or two co-workers fall short, you fail collectively. But the opposite is also true: a few people setting a good example can make everyone in the organisation follow suit. Time for a good talk! Between HR and management, but between managers and their teams especially.

Time to reflect.

The conversation starter below is meant to help you reflect on the Covid-19 period openly. Was working from home a success? What did you take away from it, if anything? What is your new normal? For anyone looking for a more in-depth discussion, it also suggests relevant training courses. Our advice? Make time for a proper reboarding, and take the process seriously. The past months have been rough and maddening at times, but they have taught us a thing or two for the future.

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