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Improving the lives of all European citizens. This is the aim of the Council of Europe, the continent's leading human rights organisation. To achieve its mission, the international organisation places great importance on the development of its staff. As part of its new global strategy, the human rights overseer has undertaken to move from a push to a pull learning culture, putting the learner back at the centre of the learning process. Why this change of strategy and how did they achieve it? What role did GoodHabitz play in the development of a learning culture within the Council of Europe?

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From push to pull learning to engage learners

The online training courses market has been facing a major change in recent years. In order to captivate and engage learners, the push pedagogical strategies - where HR and learning and development departments push courses towards learners, limiting learning opportunities - are progressively shifting into a pull strategy, leaving the choice and initiative to learners to follow the courses that corresponds to their needs. Is this the future of online training courses? We believe so. And this is one of the reasons why the Council of Europe has partnered with GoodHabitz. Providing relevant training courses opportunities for each of your employees will make them happier, more fulfilled and more productive. What's more: relevance is the key to their activation.

Soft skills: a development priority

As a value-based international organisation, the Council of Europe is a melting pot of cultures and languages. That's why soft skills are at the heart of their Learning & Development programme: both for the well-being of their employees and for their daily work, where diplomacy is often required.

“GoodHabitz has helped us fill an important gap in our learning offer and forms a key part of our L&D strategy.”

The Council of Europe launched GoodHabitz in June 2020, just after the first lockdown. Responding to a real need to modernise and expand its training offer , the international organisation's staff welcomed GoodHabitz online training with open arms. The initial results speak for themselves: more than 1,000 employees accessed the platform in the first six weeks, not to mention the many positive feedbacks and reactions.

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