Remote Leadership How future-proof is your management style?

The traditional way of managing employees who are working from home is proving difficulties. Physical control - walking in, addressing the employee or looking over one's shoulder - has mostly disappeared. The era of the authoritarian, controlling and status-oriented manager is over. The changing times call for a new kind of leadership that calls for a different approach and a different skill set.

The global pandemic has forced many organisations to reinvent themselves, making the differences between organisations more visible than ever. The same applies to employees and managers. Everything that worked two years ago must be completely different today. Working from home, digital collaboration and flexibility now play a vital role in the everyday work life. This pandemic has set the stage for organisations to let go of old habits and stimulate and embrace new, positive developments.

A study by Forbes on effective leadership during and after the pandemic mentioned that the following themes are important: personal contact, appreciation, people-oriented leadership, healthy work and investing in development. Whilst this can be executed by managers, HR also has a crucial role to play here. HR must present itself as a business partner and support management in making this new way of leadership a success. With the help of this checklist, you and your colleagues will find out whether you have these new skills in house or where you can still improve.

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Future proof management style checklist

Is your management style future-proof? Go through the checklist and find out!

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