Research report: The current state of hybrid leadership.

Human beings keep amazing us! Over the past 2 years we’ve seen them adapt to working remotely with almost no problems. Okay, maybe that’s a little too optimistic but we sure did see a lot of flexibility, resilience, and adaptability in the way we worked together through distance. But did you ever think of the effect that remote working and hybrid leadership had on the relationship between employees and their managers? No? No worries! We researched it for you!

How leaders in the UK and Europe perform over distance.

How well did managers perform when leading a hybrid workforce?

Together with research agency Markeffect we investigated what the effects of remote work were on the relationship between employees and managers. The survey contained topics like: How did physical distance impact the way managers supported and motivated their employees? What are the expectations for the future of work. And where lie opportunities for improvement? Over 13,000 employees from 13 different European countries answered and the results show some surprising insight! Curious? Let’s find out!

Check the status of
hybrid leadership in the UK.

Discover how your employees experienced working remote and what effect it had on their relationship with their team lead.

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