Research report: The current state of Talent Management. 

It might be one of the most important challenges currently facing us: talent. Without the right people, your organisations’ successful future might be at stake. No wonder talent management is such a hot topic right now. So, how do you attract, retain and develop talent? And what’s the importance of personal development? It’s all answered in our latest research report!

Discover how personal development can boost your talent strategy.

The future of work is all about talent.

As an HR or L&D manager you know there are plenty of predictions on how, where and when the workforce of the future will work. It might be remote, it might be hybrid or something we haven’t even thought of yet, but make no mistake, the future of work is directly linked to talent and talent management. There is a shift in the workforce and people are demanding more of their employers, but also in how they plan their career path. The reason to why one decides to belong to a certain organisation is changing and it is important as a company to be aware of this change. Therefore, talent management is one of the most challenging tasks for HR in the upcoming year. With statistics from over 13,000 employees from 13 different European countries, plus 2,500 European learning and development decision makers, we’ve created a report full of interesting results and surprising insights! Curious? Let’s dive into it!

Check the status of
Talent Management in the UK.

Discover how personal development can affect your talent management strategy.

Download the research report

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