GoodHabitz to acquire Helpr AI powered conversational learning

We have some exciting news to share! GoodHabitz has acquired Helpr, a software solution for conversational learning. The software of Helpr makes learning more interactive and adaptive through AI-powered educational chatbots. Wondering what this will bring to our online courses? Read more to find out!

A new conversational learning format is coming soon!

Left: Joost Moerdijk, Director of Product GoodHabitz, Right: Jaap Koelewijn, Conversation Learning Product Manager GoodHabitz (co-founder Helpr)

Conversational learning is on the way.

With this acquisition, we aim to bring ‘conversational learning’ to life in our online learning platform. Conversational learning is a learning method based on engagement conversations. It supports the idea that if you talk about the things you have learned, the information will stick with you even better. Moreover, it could give you a new perspective on the information you're learning. The AI driven conversational learning technology will be used to further activate interaction in our learning formats of our courses and offer a more personalised learning experience. Personalisation and interaction are two important factors that will eventually increase the return on investment in online learning for companies.  

Joost Moerdijk, Director of Product at GoodHabitz says, “Asking a question gives immediate commitment from our students to our courses. This commitment leads to a better learning experience because it promotes interactivity. That is why this new solution is completely in line with our mission to get everybody excited about learning and keeps students motivated until the very last second of their online GoodHabitz course.”   

New updates in our product soon!  

So, what does that mean for you, our very dear customers? We will very soon introduce a new learning format to GoodHabitz based on this concept of conversational learning.  

How does it work? The new learning format will stimulate interaction while learning. While taking an online video lesson, the student will engage in a conversation with a chatbot to discuss the most important insights together. The chatbot will also ask questions about the information taught during the lesson. In this way, the lesson gets an extra dimension of interaction and GoodHabitz students are always assisted by an AI-driven 'robot teacher’.  

This new learning format becomes number 26 in the wide collection of available learning styles in the GoodHabitz online learning solution. The best part? The technology can be used in plenty of different ways.  

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more on conversational innovations!  

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