GoodHabitz donates € 1,- for every completed course to Computer Aid.

For each GoodHabitz course that is completed in the month of January, the online learning platform GoodHabitz will donate 1 euro to the leading ICT4D charity Computer Aid. By donating money for each finished course, GoodHabitz encourages people to add ‘learning new skills’ to the top of their New Year’s resolution list. Donation through education is what they call the initiative. The goal is to raise up to 100,000 euros through learning hours for access to education to those in need in Africa and South America.

A match made in heaven!

Users that want to learn and donate at the same time can choose courses from the extensive learning library of GoodHabitz. The library combines learning soft skills and hard digital skills, including ‘Stick to the plan’ to become more self- disciplined, ‘Mindfulness’ to reduce stress, ‘Take the lead’ to make a bigger impact, and ‘Game on!’ so you can be the best version of yourself. To top it all off, everybody can start the year off with our 'Keep your Resolutions’ course – to learn how to make resolutions that last all year long.

Why Computer Aid and 
GoodHabitz are a match
made in heaven

Computer Aid is a leading ICT4D charity. Information and communications technology for development, or ICT4D, is the practice of using technology to assist those who are in need in developing countries. The charity believes that technology has become a necessity for education. They provide access to low-cost computers and software for non-profit organisations and schools, train teachers in ICT skills, and place their projects in areas where they will have the biggest impact. Their end goal is to eventually allow access to (online) educational programs to those for whom access to proper education is not always a given.

Maarten Franken, CEO of GoodHabitz says, “It’s the mission of GoodHabitz to get everyone excited about learning. By taking a course, people will give someone else around the globe the possibility to learn and develop new skills as well. If that isn’t a good incentive to add ‘learning new skills’ to the top of your New Year’s resolution list, what is?! Together we make the world a better place.”

"If that isn’t a good incentive to add ‘learning new skills’ to the top of your New Year’s resolution list, what is?!"

About Computer Aid

Computer Aid is one of the world’s leading ICT4D charities. ICT4D stands for Information and Communications Technologies for Development. This practice aims to bridge the digital gap by using technology to assist those who are in need in developing communities. Computer Aid provides technology to non-profit projects and educational institutes in Africa and South America so they can have access to (online) educational programs. Since 1997 they have already helped over 14.5 million people worldwide, enabling over 1 billion hours of learning.

About GoodHabitz

GoodHabitz is one of Europe’s leading online learning platforms. They offer a platform to enhance soft and hard skills. The ed-tech company sees life as one big learning process. That’s why they do everything in their power to make personal development fun and accessible. For everyone. Because if you enjoy learning, you feel more comfortable, more complete, and more successful. Which is great for you, as well as the company you work for.   

By offering the most attractive work-related online courses in the market, GoodHabitz contributes to your happiness, even if it’s just a pixel. All online courses are created entirely in-house because quality, humour, enthusiasm, and a great user experience make a difference. 

GoodHabitz helps organisations make online learning successful by putting their employees in charge of their own development. And the best thing is: all of this is at one fixed price. 

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