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Making learning work for your employees has always been one of our top priorities. By allowing everyone in your organisation to participate in working on their personal development, you create a visible learning culture in which learning becomes a habit. Our latest product update includes a set of releases that improve the way we make personal development work for your employees and we’re super excited to share it with you.

With our latest accessibility update
GoodHabitz online courses

A new take on how we show our courses

Our course pages are an essential part of our solution. They’re the place where students upgrade themselves day in and out. As we’re constantly looking at ways to make sure that all users can best access our content, we’re proud to present a new look and feel of our course pages. In our latest update, we’ve made it even easier for students to explore new opportunities through our QuickScan. It is now prominently available at the top of every course page, making sure you can quickly discover whether a course meets your needs. Alongside this, we’ve also summarised the course statistics, showing your employees the progress they made in that course. Now they know exactly how close they are to completing the course and unlocking their completion certificate.

As well as these updates, we’ve also simplified the icons, improved the descriptions around activities, highlight the progress you’ve made for a specific course and given your employees the option to download their certificates directly from the course page without having to navigate elsewhere. That’s how we’re making it even easier to get started with developing yourself.

Localisation is key!

Getting everyone engaged with upgrading themselves starts by making our educational content fit the needs of every individual. That also means going the extra mile in localising our content. Over the last few months, we’ve added local subtitles to most of our libraries. From the host videos that introduce you to a course, to the video material in our video-based learning formats like Storyboard, Fast Forward, Explained, etc. We make sure that your Spanish colleague has access to Spanish subtitles and your Brazilian colleague can do the same course in Brazilian Portuguese.

Upgrading and remaking the courses you know and love

Our library of courses is never done. From adding new titles every month, to updating and remaking our existing library with the new learning formats we’ve added. Our team of educational specialists are always looking for improvements. Last month for example, we remade courses like Social Media Marketing and Scrum, as well as upgraded courses like Time Management and Tell It Like It Is with new learning formats. Curious about these freshly updated titles? Have a look!

Time Management (English) – Upgraded with new formats

Tell It Like It Is (English) – Upgraded with new formats

No Story, No Glory (English) – Upgraded with new formats

Coaching Management (English) – Upgraded with new formats

Social Media Marketing (English) – Full remake

Scrum (English) – Full remake

Safety at work (English) – Full remake

Working with low literacy

Making personal development available to everyone doesn’t just end with accessibility updates, it also means educating employees. For example, take our course 'Working With Low Literacy'. A staple in our library which was added to help your employees, teams and organisation to better understand the topic, spot literacy struggles, talk about the issue and most importantly, find ways to help people build their reading and writing skills.

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