GoodHabitz unlocks new horizons by adding Indian English to its library.

No other country in the world embodies growth as India does right now. So, localising our learning content to Indian English to stimulate personal growth was a no-brainer! With this development, we’re one step closer to realising our mission of making learning accessible to everyone across the globe. Continue reading to find out more about this exciting product update.

Educational content desi-gned to inspire the Indian workforce!

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari – to localised learning!

India boasts the world's largest youth population and the second-largest labour market. Add to this the fact that English is the primary language in its business environment, and you've got the perfect match with GoodHabitz to provide our online learning solution. Nonetheless, the personal growth opportunities in this rapidly expanding market have been somewhat restricted, especially when it comes to tailoring learning experiences to individual needs.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: language is a crucial factor to make or break the success of training. When it comes to effective learning, it goes even further – cultural differences also play an important role when working on your personal development. India has a vibrant and unique society, so the only reasonable move was to add that distinct flavour to our content for the region. Combine this with the language primarily used in India’s business and educational environments, English, and you get our newest development!

Organisations can now provide their Indian English-speaking employees with a more personalised learning offer with cultural references that fit their background. In our course ‘No Story, Glory’, examples from Hollywood have been replaced with examples from Bollywood. In our course ‘Influencing’, employees will learn from influential leaders Subhash Chandra Bose and Prime Minister Narendra Modi as examples. And what about sports? In our course ‘Game On’, football has been replaced with cricket – because of the popularity of the sport in India. 

Our brand-new library is packed with relevant topics, touching on competencies like Teamwork, Productivity, and Leadership. And much more!

Personal development shouldn’t get lost in translation.

At GoodHabitz, we believe that localisation is the name of the game when it comes to effective personal development. This is why we’ve localised our learning library in more than 22 languages (and counting). But what exactly is localisation? We’ll let María Rosales, Head of Localisation at GoodHabitz, break it down: “Localisation is about adapting content to suit a specific language, culture, and target audience. It goes beyond word-by-word translation. The end goal is to provide an authentic and seamless experience for users in their native language and cultural context.” 

But there is more to it! Further evidence even suggests that there are plenty of benefits to native language-based learning 

  • Improved understanding and retention of information.
  • Increased engagement and motivation. 
  • Enhanced learning outcomes and performance, leading to a more effective and satisfying learning experience. 

If your employees learn in their native language, they’ll understand more and have the full context of the information. They’ll also relate more to the content, engage more, and as a result; remember more. In short: the entire learning experience makes more impact!

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