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Authentic and lasting personal development can only be achieved once you know who you are, where you want to go and what it takes to get there. Our online assessments answer these exact questions. In a quick, fun and easy way.

Snackable assessments.

Our assessments are not what you’re used to. We’ve created scientifically validated tests that are short, fresh and inspiring. They are carefully designed to keep your employees engaged and curious to learn more.

Clear insight.

Each assessment is followed by a clear and concise report that provides a summary of the participant’s performance, along with potential areas for growth and recommended training courses. Self-insight for every employee, in a matter of minutes.

Seize the moment.

We make it easy for your employees to work on their personal development. One click is all it takes to start learning from the most impactful training courses. Seize the moment, while all this new knowledge is still fresh.

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Personal development that creates impact. With GoodHabitz you have everything you need to get your employees to upgrade themselves. Get a peek into our library:

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Linkedin for professionals

Information Security

Social Media Marketing

Excel Essentials (Office 365)

Microsoft 365: PowerPoint

Speak Business English

Español en el trabajo: escribir

Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz: Schreiben

Parler le français des affaires

Masterclass Ben Tiggelaar - Behaviour Change

Masterclass Jim Stolze - Digital transformation

Motivation What Drives You?

Mind Mapping

Writing Emails

Clever Purchasing

Let Your Body Do the Talking

Cold Calling for Warm Personalities

The Elevator Pitch


Go Team!

Get a Grip, Clear Your Mind

Learning How to Learn

Talent Development

Mind your brain

Happiness at Work Oh Happy (Working) Day

Facebook for Businesses

Now put the self-insight to work: discover our training courses.

Growth requires knowledge

Employees need to be aware of their skill set, strengths and potential blind spots, in order to effectively work on their personal development.

A perfect fit

Our training courses and assessments fit seamlessly together. The self-insight gained today shows what your employees can learn tomorrow.

Added value for everyone

The training courses cover more than 65 competencies across more than 25 learning methods. Suitable for everybody, at any level, throughout your entire organisation.

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