How to make the best out of learning all year round.

Personal development is the catalyst for making your employees productive and helping your organisation flourish. Happy and healthy employees that work on themselves and their personal development are employees that produce the best work. Not sure how to get started? No worries, we’re here to help! We offer courses that are not only tailored to your employee's needs, but are also relevant to topics that are important all year round. Join the world of online learning and invest in your employees so that they can invest back in you! Read on to find out how.

With the help of GoodHabitz!

A daily booster!

Creating a new, good habit doesn’t happen overnight. It needs dedication and commitment, and you, of course, have to put in some effort! More importantly, creating a new habit and becoming a better you takes time, and the same counts for your workforce. Therefore, it's important to encourage your employees to take time to work on themselves and their personal development goals little by little. With our Newsjacking calendar, you can keep your employees motivated with small bits and pieces of topical learning throughout the entire year. 

The calendar highlights various special moments or international (holi)days each month throughout the year, while linking them to relevant GoodHabitz courses or one of our single activities. What is an important moment that you feel you need to highlight in your organisation? Maybe you’re all about Sustainability, then Earth Day on the 22nd of April is a perfect match! Or perhaps your company is focusing on employee wellbeing, then promoting our Stress Management courses on Global Wellness Day on June 10th is the way to go.

By using our Newsjacking calendar you can easily motivate your employees to keep on learning throughout the entire year. Either by applying the days to your organisation's HR themes or simply by inspiring your employees to take the time to work on themselves and become their best selves. It’s all up to you! Feel free to mix and match the courses and days to your liking, as each special moment of the year might signify something different to you or your organisation.

Reach your L&D goals in no time.

Alright, now you know how to implement personal development on a daily basis, awesome! But how does it work in the long run? How do you implement this in your HR cycle or how do you reach your organisation's L&D goals?

We’re here to help! We don’t just have a library filled with educational content that will help your employees get hooked on learning, no, we can also provide you with the tools and support you need to make sure you reach all your L&D goals. Let's explain this with a nice example:

First, let’s link it to a topic that’s within your organisation’s vision; this time your HR theme for the upcoming month is employee wellbeing. Great! It’s important that your employees stay happy and healthy. Kick-start the conversation by encouraging your employees to take our course ‘Great Conversations’. This course focuses on how to grow towards a sustainable employable future. In the second block of the course, you’ll have a learning format called ‘Go’, this conversation card can help you navigate your employee's learning path during your one-on-one. You can use it as it is, or why not tailor it to your organisation? As a follow-up, make use of an action plan! This way, you can clearly map out your employee's learning path related to the theme. Finding it difficult to know what to include in your action plan? No worries, we got one for you! In fact, we have an entire library filled with marketing material that you can use to promote personal development within your organisation.

As the final icing on the cake, why not pay extra attention to employee vitality during certain periods of the year? Put the theme into the spotlight during International Stress Awareness Month in April or highlight it during International Work Happiness Week in September. All with the help of our online courses. It’s all up to you! Need an extra set of hands? We got you covered; you don’t have to go through this learning journey alone! Our dedicated coaches will guide you through the process and make sure you get all the support you need to successfully reach all your L&D and HR goals.

Linking GoodHabitz to your HR themes will help your organisation reach its development goals in no time! With our innovative library filled with educational content in more than 25 different learning formats, you’ll make sure to fulfil all your employees' individual learning needs. At the same time, you’ll offer your entire organisation a modern learning experience that creates value across multiple channels throughout the entire year. All with the support from us at GoodHabitz, we’ll make sure you’ll never walk alone!

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