The GoodHabitz Year in Retrospective.

2021 flew by and what a year it was! At GoodHabitz we’re fortunate enough to look back on a year of breaking records. In 2021, our online learning platform had more students than ever, a record number of study hours, tests completed, certificates awarded, launched many new course libraries in different languages, and much more!

Unfortunately, the continuous pandemic forced everybody to reinvent business operations  and challenged us to keep employees engaged and motivated to learn at a distance. Given the fact that we reached our all-time high in terms of study hours, it seems like our clients HR & L&D professionals did a great job in contributing to this success.  

This made us wonder what more can we learn from the statics from our own learning platform? Let’s look back to an eventful year and analyse the results. 

In this article:

  • Smiles speak all languages
  • 300+ new courses added in 2021
  • Learning and development analysis GoodHabitz

Smiles speak all languages

We continued our mission: get everyone excited about learning. By everyone, we really mean everyone. Ideally, everyone around the globe. That means that this is just the start of GoodHabitz. Our online learning library was enriched with multiple languages this year, such as Polish, Danish, Swedish, and Portuguese; isso é fantástico! We also expanded our services in the DACH region to include Austria and Switzerland. Europe is slowly turning GoodHabitz purple ;-)  

A special shout-out goes to our top 3  countries in terms  of growth in the number of customers versus last year. The gold medal goes to Italy. It seems that the Southern European country has really embraced online learning. Their customer growth was over 500% (say what?!). The silver medal goes to  Belgium and the bronze  medal goes to Spain. Both countries roughly doubled in the number of GoodHabitz customers in 2021.

300+ new courses added in 2021

Getting everybody excited about learning means that you have to localise your courses, easy as that. When we say localise,we don’t just mean translate, we really localise our courses to the country. For example; our library for Portugal is in European Portuguese, not Brazilian Portuguese. Our library in Belgium is different from the one in The Netherlands even though they speak the same language. When we create our training courses, we also have to take cultural differences into account. For example, it is important that humour comes across in the right way depending on the country and the language.

Looking back at 2021, we launched more than 300 new courses. Most courses were added to our Belgian course library. Runner up is Portugal, followed by a shared third place with Poland, Denmark, and Sweden.

Learning and development analysis GoodHabitz

Now, if we take a deep dive into our data it turns out that the most popular courses really differ per country. One size certainly does not fit all, but we noticed some overarching trends across Europe. Let’s take a closer look.

Online teamwork skills are on the rise

Our online teamwork and time management courses gained a lot in usage and popularity in all European countries. These courses gained the most in popularity in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Portugal during the 2021 year. We can safely say that this is caused by the hybrid working trend (forced by the pandemic).

Now is the time for new leadership

Hybrid working requires new management skills. According to our platform data, organisations across Europe are heavily investing in new leadership. Our management courses gained the most in popularity in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and Sweden.

Specifically, in Spain and Sweden, we’re seeing a huge interest in these courses. Spain had Lean, Change management, and Team coaching in the top five most popular courses. The course Coaching and Leadership ranked number one in Sweden.

Pandemics ask for peace of mind

An analysis of 2021 cannot be without the word ‘coronavirus’. Due to recurring lockdowns, uncertain times, and heavy workload, we believe people are searching for peace of mind.

We noticed a huge increase in interest for our Mindfulness course throughout all European countries, but especially is Western European and Northern European countries. The Mindfulness training even made it to the top 5 most popular courses in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Poland. Namaste! 

It reassures us immensely that we can help people to find their peace in hectic times through our courses.

Positivity is key, always

At GoodHabitz we believe in positivity, that the glass is always half full. It’s key to stay positive, especially in these challenging times. The Italians, Brits and Austrians agree on this. They really focused on positivity during 2021. In Italy and the UK the courses I Feel Good, and Positive Influence even ranked number one. Austria also had Good Intentions in its top 5 most popular courses.

In France, we’re seeing a similar trend: an increase in popularity for personal courses. Counting to 10 (Managing your emotions), My Turn, and Let Your Body Do the Talking are in the top 5 there. The PNL course remains a consistent number one in France. Same as last year, and the year before.

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